Quick and Easy Tips to Use Momo Maker

Momos can undoubtedly be found on the‘favourites’ list of every foodie. They are a delicious street food originating from the eastern part of the world and are enjoyed for their juicy texture and delicious taste. The dish is also easy to prepare and given the current scenario, many of its fans have attempted making them at home. If you have included a momo maker in your repertoire of kitchen appliances, the process can become much easier. If you know how to use it efficiently and effectively, you can enjoy the fruits of your effort even more. Given below are some tips for making the best use of your momo maker.

Prepare the Stuffing Beforehand

Before starting the preparation of the dough and the shell for the momos, make sure that you are ready with your choice of stuffing. If the stuffing is not ready, there is a chance of the shell becoming dry and might not stick as well after adding the stuffing. You can make vegetarian or non-vegetarian stuffing. They should be partially or fully cooked and they must be juicy but not runny. The stuffing also gets cooked during the process of steaming or frying.

Refer to the User Manual for Assembly

It is important that all the parts of the appliance are assembled properly. It is also important to choose the right shaping die for the product. Follow the manual, especially if you are using it for the first time, and keep the appliance ready for preparing your dough.

Use the Right Measures of the Ingredients

You can follow a recipe of your choice for making the dough. Ensure that you do not use less than the minimum quantity or more than the maximum quantity of the recommended capacity of the momo maker. This could damage the appliance and also result in an unsatisfactory outcome of the dough.

Select the Preferred Mode

You can either pick an auto mode or use the manual stages of mixing and extruding the desired shape of dough by using the appropriate die. By using the manual mode, you will be able to control the rate at which the shell is produced. A point to remember here is that the water must be added only after turning the appliance on and choosing the preferred mode for mixing.

Use the Appropriate Mould

Once you have got the flattened dough out of the momo maker, cut it into a round shape and place it in the mould as per your desired shape. Add the fillings, apply a little water on the edges and close the mould.When you open the mould, the momo is ready for frying or steaming. You can use the same moulds for making Indian snacks like gujiya as well. Do not prepare all the shells at once; do so in batches depending on the capacity of your steamer or fryer.

Multiple Uses of the Appliance

The momo maker also comes with dies to help you make noodles and pasta of different shapes. When you are not in the mood for momos, you can satisfy your cravings for these delicacies as well. It is a very convenient appliance to have in the kitchen if you prefer to have freshly made pasta instead of the packaged ones available in the market.

Maintain the Appliance

This is a very important step, not just for the momo maker but for every single appliance in your kitchen. As soon as you finish using it, clean it and store it properly. This helps to keep the appliance hygienic and ready for use when you need it. If not cleaned and maintained, they tend to lose their efficiency and can also get damaged due to food particles being stuck in its different parts. Refer to the manual to carefully detach the removable parts. Wash and dry them before storing. Clean the exterior of the momo maker with a soft dry cloth. For the best results, the diesmust be cleaned only after they are dry.

When used in a proper manner, the appliance will serve you well and continue to satisfy your cravings for delicious momos, noodles and pasta. So, keep the following tips in mind and enjoy eating your favourite foods.

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