Public Speaking Skills: Five Tips to Improve

Public speaking skill is a very important skill as it holds to power to inspire, motivate, inform, and to take action and even entertain the people. But in order to do so, we should be able to create a wow effect and that’s how we can make a great presentation and do justice with the topic as well as the motive of the speech. We all have some kind of public speaking experience and most of us are petrified by it but still, there are some points if we keep in mind, we can drastically improve and deliver a better performance in our next speech. So here are Top Five Tips to Improve at Public Speaking Skills.

Keep Your Message Simple:

We must heed the old saying as it goes, “keep it simple stupid” which is really applicable to public speaking more than anything. As if we are going with explaining a super complicated topic or 15-20 points steps or procedure for the audience it is going to not only perplex the audience but us as well.

It is a known fact that people have a limited span of attention as well as only a certain capacity of digesting the information which is given in a day or time for that matter. So before we start preparing for the speech and take on the stage is essential to remind ourselves that what is going to be the core message of our topic or the major points of our speech which we want them to take home.

Tell A Story:

Storytelling is an integral part of a great or successful public speech. We should hence make a story revolving around the theme of our speech from our personal experiences or life events with the audience can relate and we can build a connection with the audience. By connecting with the audience we automatically build a bridge of trust because of which our presentation can become better and effective

Use Inclusive Language:

The Inclusivity of the speech can make or break our engagement of our audience and hence the effectiveness of our speech. As our society and its norms keep evolving and changing over time we must consciously be aware of it while delivering a speech so we can adapt and improvise for the targeted or appropriate action.

We should use a language that everyone can understand easily and should heavy jargons and sesquipedalian words unless it’s off to the general knowledge of the people we are speaking with.

Use of body Language:

We can make some progressive changes in this area by making a video of self to get a clear understanding of our body’s image while speaking. Things we should ponder upon is Should be :

  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Body movement
  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact

Once we become aware of it we can then start eliminating them while consciously avoiding them even in our daily conversations or mistakes.

Connect with Emotion:

We all are emotional beings and tend to act and thinking virtually 100% of the time. We make emotional decisions or actions and then justify them with logic.  For instance, if we meet a new person and began to like that person, but later when we consider there are many reasons for us to like them. This happens instantaneously after which our logic follows and we figure out the reasons. Hence we can leverage from this by appealing to our audience emotionally.

Conclusion: Public speaking can be a quite challenging task but if we striving to overcome them and improve for better than these tips can help us, in the long run, to improve as well as become an effective and proficient public speaker.

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