Pros and cons of hiring a photo booth agency for your wedding

Photo booths are becoming quite popular in almost all types of occasions and parties. But if you think deeply this is not certainly a requirement. And when it comes to photo booth we generally approach a photo booth hire Melbourne Company or agency. These agencies will arrive on the day of the wedding with nice background images and posters and some funky outlook costumes too to make your guests pose when they arrive at your wedding ceremony. But this is certainly one area that you can look to avoid if you are on a tight budget.

But on the other side, your guests will like it to say the least. It is a good idea to make your wedding look somewhat unique and gives that extra special feel to the guests. But is it worth spending money on hiring a photo booth hire Melbourne agency? Let’s take a look at a few points from both viewpoints.

First the advantages

Want your guests to give a fun time

There is very little doubt that people like to take snaps during a wedding. This is a special ceremony and everyone is well dressed. It is also a time when you come across and meet your family members who stay away. And never forget your childhood or college friends. Of course, you will have a very good time to remember apart from your professional marriage photos if you hire a photo booth hire Melbourne agency.

Get some cool funky photos

This will also add to your existing photo collection which you can cherish for the rest of your lives. You will get so many moments of bonding and tying up with your faraway friends. These cool photos will add to your wedding album and give you pleasure whenever you look at them.

Do you want all your friends and relatives to come for a reason apart from the wedding?

When you hire an Company for your wedding ceremony and tell it to your friends and relatives who will be attending the wedding they will have a good reason to attend your wedding. This no doubt works as a special attraction to your wedding and compels your guests to attend the wedding.

Think about this- would you not go to a wedding where you will have a good time taking cool selfies with your friends and family? A photo booth agency will take cool snaps that are going to be remembered by your guests for a long time. And when you give all your guests a copy of their photo it works as an extra favor for them to come and attend your wedding.

Do you have a lot of guests who don’t want to dance?

Sometimes all your guests don’t want to go to the DJ and dance. Some prefer taking a lot of photos and selfies. For such guests, you should have such a photo booth service where they can spend a lovely evening. This way you can ensure that there is more than one form of entertainment available to all the guests.


Well, not everything is good about a photo booth hire Melbourne Company. You see there are some disadvantages too. Let’s look into some of them-

It might take away all the glamour from the main wedding occasion

If you have a lot of selfies crazy friends then this might not be a good idea to open the photo booth early. They can take away the entire craze from the main occasion which is your wedding. It’s okay to have a photo booth but make sure that it is opened after all the wedding rituals are over or even after dinner. And you also need to think about the size of your photo booth that you will be hiring. This depends on the number of guests and how much they all love taking photos.

Adds up to your wedding costs

There is of course the cost factor to consider when you hire a photo booth hire Melbourne Company. Think about this- you will have to provide meal costs for the vendor, transportation costs, and of course not to mention the funky dresses and accessory items that they will be carrying with. This is all apart from the general fees charged by the photo booth vendor.

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