Prevent:cockroaches in kitchen at night

Cockroaches in kitchen at night

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and they hunt or scavenge for food at night. And any leftover in kitchen is their food. Also since they get food from the kitchen, most of the time you will find their nest under the sink, cabinet or in the drain pipe. 

There are many natural ways of removing cockroaches hovers in the internet but having tried a few of them.

I would say for the instant kill –

Sprays works the best.

To remove them once and for all solution: None. They are master at surviving.

But to get some what long term relief a boric acid bait works the best.

Whatever the recipe is boric acid should not be the main ingredient, you want them to eat it. So make it tasty!

Mix half cup boric acid powder, half cup sugar and half cup wheat flour with water to make a dough. Then make small baits from it and place it on paper around the kitchen.

Also place these baits all over the house where you have seen those cockroaches. This is not an immediate action recipe but this works. And most of the time it succeeds in removing most of the cockroaches from your house.

Otherwise there are more chemical based commercial cockroach killer powder available, that you can try to prevent cockroaches in kitchen at night.

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