Premium Cakes For Your Loved Ones Starting At 999

No matter what the occasion is, if there’s nothing sweet to eat, is it even an occasion? For example, if it’s a birthday, no amount of celebration or gifts can make it feel like one unless there is a delicious birthday cake , irrespective of the age of the person whose birthday it is. So whether it is a small birthday celebration for your father who turned 55 or a grand birthday celebration for your sister who turned 18, it won’t feel like it is a birthday unless he or she cuts a birthday cake. Similarly, for any other occasion like if it’s a wedding reception or a baby shower, graduation ceremony or bridal shower, a cake is very much needed to celebrate the day.

Whether your best friend’s birthday is coming up or your sibling’s, your parents’ or you grandparent’s, your cousin’s or your colleague’s, if this person has ever made you smile even for once in your life, you should not miss out this opportunity and send him or her a mouth-watering cake on their birthday; you might not be able to buy happiness for them but you can buy a premium cake and that’s kind of the same thing. A beautiful looking cake that is finger-licking good is exactly what somebody needs on their birthday, no matter how old he or she is. Similarly, if your parents’ anniversary is coming up or your sister’s bridal shower, your best friend’s bachelorette party or your sister-in-law’s baby shower, for any and every special occasion that you get to celebrate, you must order a premium cake to make the day even more cherishable and worth remembering!

Here is a list of premium cakes that you should explore if you are looking for delicious cakes for any loved one in your life-

●     Premium Fresh Fruit Cake

Whether you like fruits or you don’t, you can not say no to fruit cakes and especially if it’s the mouth-watering delicious premium fresh fruit cake from Bloomsvilla. It’s filled with fresh seasonal fruits and hand-made with love, just for you. Fresh Fruit Cake is one of the popular Birthday Cake and also send flowers to Kolkata

●     Premium Choco Mud Cake

We all love mud cakes, don’t we? They are gooey and simply finger-licking good. If you love chocolate, there’s no way that you won’t fall in love with this cake. After all, this cake was made to win hearts at the very first bite!

●     Premium Dark Chocolate Cake

Do you know somebody who is an absolute dark chocolate fanatic? If you do, this cake is the perfect one for any special occasion in their life, whether it’s their birthday, wedding reception, or any other event.

●     Premium Caramel Chocolate Cake

Whether you are a chocolate lover or a fan of caramel flavour, or even both, this cake will surely make your heart happy. It’s a cake whose taste you won’t be able to forget easily because it’s not just unique but super delicious too!

●     German Wild Forest Cake

While black forest cakes are pretty common, this premium German Wild Forest cake is one of a kind. It’s not just unique but it’s extremely yummy as well, thus making it the perfect gift for any loved one in your life.

●     Premium Choco Almond Cake

A chocolate cake that gives us a nutty flavour in every bite is something that we love. This Premium Choco Almond Cake is here to win your heart with its amazingly unique flavour.

●     Premium Double Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is amazing, right? But do you know what’s even better than just chocolate? Double Chocolate! This cake is made with double chocolate, therefore obviously it’s one of our personal favourites. It’s one of those cakes that if you have once, you will always keep coming back for.

Send cakes in Delhi from anywhere across the world for your near and dear ones to make them smile on days when you wish you were physically present by their side. You can choose from amongst the delicious fresh cakes available on Bloomsvilla to send to any Indian city of your choice, you will find a wide variety of cake flavors and various types of cakes on the site- mouth-watering cakes are now just a click away!

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