Why Should You Prefer Fiber Optic Cables Over Copper Cables?

The advancement of communication and data transmission infrastructure has played an important role in the fast-paced growth of developed countries like the United Arab Emirates. There was a time when copper cables were used in all types of communication infrastructure. However, more efficient cables are now available in the market, and fiber optics are on top of the list.

There is enormous competition between fiber optic cables and copper cables. Most of the users are not aware of their difference and prefer the use of copper cables. Both cables are suitable for different settings. It is quite important to go through the details before finalizing your choice as it will affect the quality of your network.

Explore this article to learn why you should prefer fiber optic cables over copper cables.

Top 8 Reasons to Use Fiber Optic Cables Instead of Copper Cables

Copper cables are one of the oldest cable networking system used in every type of connection. So, this has become the obvious choice of the users. However, it does not mean that it is the only available option, and you have to adjust to it. Fiber optic cables are changing public opinion by facilitating their lives more.

Here are some important reasons you should use fiber optic cables instead of copper cables.

1. Fiber optics have greater bandwidth

Copper cables were specifically designed to carry the voice signals, so their bandwidth is smaller. On the other hand, fiber optics are designed to carry any type of signal and have greater bandwidth.

The copper and fiber cable of the same size will have a huge difference in bandwidth. So, fiber optic is ideal, which motivates individuals to contact fiber optic UAE based companies to get fiber optic installation and enjoy signals with greater bandwidth.

2. Fiber optics cover longer distances

One of the key differences between copper cables and fiber optic cables is that the latter covers long distances. The bandwidth of fiber optic is greater, which helps it carry the signals and transmit them over long distances compared to the copper cables. It is an ideal cabling infrastructure for ethernet and internet connections.

3. Fiber optics promises better reliability

Fiber optic cables are more reliable than copper cables. The multiple protective layers save the cables from extreme hot and cold weather, while the copper cables get easily damaged under such weather conditions. In addition to it, moisture does not affect fiber optics but the copper cables. Coper cables can also catch fire; therefore, they are not much reliable.

4. Fiber optics are thinner and sturdier

One of the most important reasons to prefer fiber optic cables over copper cables is that they are thinner and sturdier. Coper cables consist of metal strands that transmit electric signals. On the contrary, fiber optic cables consist of glass strands that transmit light signals. The fiber optics can resist more pressure due to this, which makes them preferable.

5. Fiber optics are more flexible for the future

Fiber optic cables are more flexible for future use as compared to copper cables. The fiber cables can carry signals over longer distances and do not get affected by the weather or other outer conditions, which does not require their replacement. On the other hand, copper cables cannot sustain weather conditions and get damaged, which needs constant replacement. It is not suitable for futuristic purposes as it will require regular investments.

6. Fiber optics offer faster speeds

One of the greatest benefits of fiber optic cables is that they offer faster speed as compared to copper cables. The light signals travel faster through glass strands, as compared to electric signals moving through metal strands. Moreover, copper cables support voice signals better, so their speed is compromised in other data transmissions.

7. Fiber optics save space

Fiber optics save space as compared to copper cables. They do not need the protection of wider sheathing, which makes the cables thicker. So, their management is quite easy, and they do not create a messy look. In contrast, the copper cables take too much space and create a look of disorganization and mess.

8. Fiber optics are securer than copper

Fiber optics are securer than copper cables, which is an important reason to prefer the former over the latter. The copper cables are affected by electromagnetic waves and can catch fire, which can lead to a huge loss. However, fiber optic is protected against such dangers. You can hire fiber optic UAE based companies and replace all your copper cable installations to enjoy safe, reliable, and high-quality data transmission.

Use the latest infrastructure to enjoy a better connection!

If you were still using the copper cables, it is high time to replace your network cabling to save yourself from routine expenses. Moreover, you can ensure to enjoy high-quality data transmission, which is safe, reliable, sturdy, as well as cost-efficient. So, contact the experts now and discuss your installation plan and design.

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