Prayer therapy tools for pain relief

Prayer therapy tools for pain relief

It is a common perception in the healthcare industry that not every medicine has the same effect on every patient and there are pretty plausible reasons for this.

If you are a kind of person who is a bit aware of minds-over-body aspect of reality, you won’t have a hard time understanding why prayer therapy works most of the times for body pain relief. Modern psychology is fast embracing mind-related therapy tool.

Being an avid reader and in some way a new-age fan, I have been practicing prayers and duas, reaping meditation benefits and different positive affirmation methods as a tool to get rid of minor injuries and pain. I am impressed by how the human mind works and creates miracles when all your focus and attention is directed toward healing.

Please keep in mind that this article does not encourage you to stop taking medication and stop seeing a doctor. These methods and practices are an extra aide to equip your mind to overpower anything that creates ailment or pain.

Two of the methods that I often use to get rid of aches, pain and injury healing.


Ho’oponopono is a ancient healing method from Hawaii. The name may sound funny to many but the healing method is simple: All you have to do is assume 100% responsibility for whatever is happening to you. Ho’oponopono is based on 4 simple statements:

  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I thank You
  • I love You

Quite straightforward right? By repeatedly saying these phrases to yourself while keeping your desire (of healing) in your mind, you set yourself up for higher vibrations and new information lead to the removal of your pain.

Without going into the technicalities of why the method works on any pain or health issue, all I can say that you have to try and see for yourself that it works powerfully.

Prayers and Dua

Prayers, much like positive affirmations, are faith oriented and they require surrender to something bigger than yourself, i.e. the Source or Creator. No matter what religion you belong to or even don’t adhere to any belief system, you are probably aware of how prayers work.

In Hindu, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, there is lot of emphasis on prayers, duas and mantras as you chant words to summon higher intelligence of the Source (God, Allah, Bhagwan) to heal your body. For instance in Islam, there are certain duas for pain relief specifically used for healing.

At first I was reluctant to believe in any of these theories and philosophies around mind-over-matter and faith-oriented therapies, but I just decided to give it a try. Having already read about positive affirmations and the psychological impact of positing thinking, I finally got the motivation to delve deep into prayer therapy.


The medical science is open to accepting new ways and tools as with modern psychology unearthing amazing powers of the mind, things are changing. People are returning to natural way of life as simple practices like yoga and meditation are a normal part of highly successful people all over the world. So, prayer therapy is worth a try.

PS: This article in no way encourages its readers to stop availing conventional medical help. The objective of the piece is to encourage people to be open to alternative healing methods. Thanks !