Picking In Office Furniture That Does Not Harm Your Back

It is quite common for office workers to suffer from back pain, in fact, it is one of the most common reasons for taking leave. This isn’t something that is exclusive to blue-collar workers, those with physically demanding jobs. It also applies to white-collar jobs which involve working at a desk for long hours.

Those working in an office often spend a great deal of time on their desk working on a computer which tends to take a toll on the spinal column. Sitting for long hours is usually not good for the back since it compresses the spine and eventually results in back pain. The key to ensuring good health of the office workers is to invest in good office chairs in the UK that is also ergonomically sound.

Tips on Picking Office Furniture

It is vital for employers to keep in mind that sitting for long hours at a desk is not good for the back while designing office furniture. There are several ways around this like taking encouraging frequent breaks and investing in ergonomic furniture to prevent chronic back pain conditions. Listed here are a few tips on how to select to office furniture like office desks in the UK as well as chairs to prevent back pain and other medical issues:

  • It is a good idea to choose the office chairs in the UK wisely instead of settling for a substandard one.
  • An office chair isn’t something that you are likely to purchase on a regular basis, they tend to last quite long; which is all the more reason to put some thought into them prior to the purchase.
  • An office chair can lead to back pain without it being very obvious or seeming uncomfortable.
  • One of the main factors to consider when selecting an office chair include the ergonomics which ideally means good support and easy to adjust settings to customize the chair as necessary.
  • It is important to consider lumbar support when selecting an office chair since one that offers fully adjustable lumbar support is usually the best one to invest in.
  • The main issue in chairs with fixed lumbar support and chairs which have a curve on the back of the seat is that it will suit only a specific type of person. Since not all of us are of the same height, weight or build, it is highly advisable not to invest in such a chair.
  • Office chairs with at least a single axis of lumbar support adjustability can go a long way in preventing back pain.
  • Those with a high level of lumbar support meaning ability to adjust height, depth, and multiple levels of support on either side of the spine are optimal for office use since they are fully ergonomic.
  • Ability to adjust the armrests up and down as well as front and back is a good ergonomic feature too. The ability to fine-tune the armrests offers good comfort and sets up a chair for specific tasks.
  • The ability to adjust the depth of the seat goes a long way in ensuring the legs are placed properly. One of the main reasons for back pain is due to sitting on chairs that are either too shallow or too deep resulting in the bad placement of the feet and ultimately bad posture. A good alternative to this is investing in a footrest to help maintain a good posture.
  • It is a good idea to invest in chairs with the feature to tilt or recline, this will allow the person sitting to lean back into the chair. It is a good way to relax the back; in fact, a chair with an adjustable tilt can offset the negative effects and promote good back health.

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