While we often think that appearances aren’t an important factor, the truth is that first impressions are everything, whether it comes to getting a new job or closing a deal with an important client. But even though you’ve probably heard the advice to dress for success, a polished and professional look requires more than just an appropriate outfit; an emphasis needs to be put on personal grooming as well. To that end, here are some of the best personal grooming tips that will help you to achieve success as a woman in the world of business:

Dress code appropriate clothing

Firstly, it’s vital to know the exact dress code of the office and to strictly follow the guidelines regardless of the outfit you opt for, as the wrong attire could be quite attention-grabbing and distracting to others. Generally, business environments tend to be more conservative, focusing on pantsuits, pencil skirts, blazers, plain button-down shirts, as well as closed-toe heeled shoes.

It’s important to remember that an office environment isn’t a place for expressing personal taste and style in dramatic ways, but rather a place for conducting business. Clothing should thus complement the environment, as it’s a direct reflection of your professionalism, as well as the company you work for.

Complementary accessory options


Apart from following the office dress code as well, accessories should be sleek, minimal, and complementary to the outfit. For instance, the handbag you wear should preferably be leather, and in a classic shape, as well as having a neutral and muted color, such as black, brown, or alternatively beige.

When it comes to the jewelry, it should never be too big, bulky, or loud, as it could overpower a professional outfit, while presenting a distraction to others. It’s advised to stick to rings, necklaces, and earrings which are thin, small and dainty, as the ideal option. A nice and simple dress watch is also a good choice for any type of business outfit.

Neat and sleek hairstyles

As a general rule, business-appropriate hairstyles should be neat, sleek, and conservative, preferably pulled back and away from the face. The hair color should also be natural, or closely resembling a natural tone, instead of being out of the ordinary in any way. Evidently, a high or low bun, as well as a low, middle-part ponytail, is the most suitable hairstyle option for the office.

However, these hairstyles won’t look sleek and professional unless you have naturally long and thick hair. If that is not the case, it would be a good idea to invest in quality clip in hair extensions that closely match your current hair color. That way, you will be able to achieve the necessary length and volume for a business hairstyle, while still ensuring the style looks as seamless and smooth as your natural hair.

Minimal and natural makeup

While harsh and heavy makeup is generally considered inappropriate during the daytime, especially in a professional setting, wearing no makeup at all is also often frowned upon in the world of business. Ideally, everyday office makeup should be subtle and natural instead.

Consider the minimal makeup look that only consists of a tinted moisturizer, subtle eye shadow, a bit of mascara and a hint of color on the cheeks, as well as a natural lipstick shade. Such makeup will be able to hide any imperfections you might have, while still allowing you to look polished, put-together, and office-appropriate.

Tidy and groomed fingernails


Although fingernails are often overlooked when it comes to professional appearances, many people tend to use their hands often, as a form of expression. As such, the hands become quite visible during a conversation, which is why they should always be neatly maintained, for the most professional look.

The nails should always be clean, trimmed to an appropriate middle length, and sculpted for a neater appearance. Long acrylic nails, as well as any dramatic colors, should always be avoided. Instead, it’s recommended to opt for nude, natural nail polish shades, or to simply choose a clear nail polish, as an alternative.

Subtle perfumes for the office

Overpowering scents can not only take over the whole room but might also trigger asthma or allergic reactions in clients, colleagues, or superiors. Overall, heavy fragrances are more often considered to be distracting and offensive to others, rather than pleasant, regardless of your personal taste.

For that reason, it would always be a wiser decision to simply opt-out of wearing any perfumes at all, and limit your scents to a mild fabric softener, for instance. However, if you still prefer wearing fragrances, especially if your aim is to hide other unpleasant smells like smoke, always choose light, airy and subtle perfumes that only give off a hint of a pleasant fragrance.

Apart from dressing in an appropriate manner, paying close attention to the smaller details is vital as well, as it contributes to a sleek and professional appearance while conveying the message of knowledge and success.