Persian Cats; Their Characteristics and Adoption in India

Breed – Persian

Colour – White, Black, Ash, Green

Weight – 3-4 kg (7 to 12 pounds) 

Height – Female – 10 to 14 inches | Male- 11-15 inch

Distinct features: Persian Cats 

Persian cats have large round heads with short noses and small ears with rounded tips. These cats have a muscular and sturdy body. They are famous for their looks and for the thick long flowy coat accompanied with fine and perfect textures. The Persian cats have frills which cover their entire body between the front legs, ears and tails. Their face, eyes and the body structure make them a good choice to cuddle. Moreover, Persian Cat prices in India are not so high. They are affordable and they can be a great pet.


Persian cats are sweet, gentle and quiet in nature. These cats have melodious and sweet voices. Thus, these cats can be a stress – buster. 


Persian cats love to stay indoors. They are playful in nature and hence, climbing upon curtains and furniture are their funniest activities. Persian cats belong to such breeds that crave for the love and attention from their owners. They like spending time sitting on their owner’s lap. 

Best Persian cats’ breed

Mummy cat is the best Persian cat breed available in the best conditions in different colours. 


Persian cats are the indoor cats and these cats generally get affected by bacteria and diseases. That’s why they need to be vaccinated by a rabies vaccine, calicivirus, feline viral, Rhinotracheitis and Panleukopenia. 


Persian cats love dry food. They mostly like to feed upon proteins like fish, chicken and other seafood. 

Persian Cat Price

A cat lover can easily purchase Persian cat price in India of around ₹18000 across India. To buy these pups from home bred litter or from trusted breeders is the best choice.

Presently, due to COVID-19, you can even purchase these Persian cats online.


Persian cats are adorable creatures and indoor pets which means they aren’t great for the outside environment. They are not meant to be taken out. You should not take a chance to mingle these cats with other breeds. Taking Persian cats out can result in tangles and catching insects. So, for the good health of your cats, try keeping them indoors. Make sure you bath them immediately; in case you take them out seldom. 

Furthermore, this breed of cats shed a lot of tears, and hence, it’s advised that you wipe them too often. Because, too much tearing can result in irritation in a cat’s eyes. 

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, the price of a Persian cat is worth it’s qualities. These cats are a good purchase because low expense is required in the grooming and maintenance of these cats. So, you will be satisfied with the Persian cat price in India and these cats can easily be found all over the country. 

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