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Factors that affect the performance of your tyres

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Consistent advancements in the technology are the real cause of the production of feature-rich and customer-centric tyres. Nowadays, tyre makers are producing high-grade tyres and they are trying to reach new milestones day by day. Every leading tyre brands is trying to beat other players in the market and this fact is also responsible for the never-ending process of research and development.

So, this is the age of durable, high-grade, and high-performance tyres. But, tyre makers are still unable to produce the tyres that are 100% damage resistant. Several factors reduce the life of your durable tyres. Maintaining your tyres certainly make a huge difference but they are going to die sooner or later. If you want to sustain the health and performance of your tyres for a long time, you have to consider these factors. You need to prepare yourself with a solid maintenance strategy if you are not interested in changing your tyres earlier than the normal time limit.

Before you make your plan, just look at the factors that affect the performance of your tyres.


If you are one of those drivers who like speeding while driving their vehicles, please read this point carefully. We understand you are an enthusiastic driver but you have to understand that speed damages your tyres. While you drive at high speed, the level of friction increases and further raises the temperature of your car tyres.

As a result, the rubber compound of the tyres is severely affected. Rubber is not a good heat conductor. Therefore, high-speed driving may cause separation of tyre parts along with tread wear.


Heat is also one of the prime enemies of your tyres. Heat affects the stiffness of the rubber compound and causes tyre bursts and punctures. The cases of overheated tyres are frequent in summer months. Therefore, you have to be more cautious when the weather is hot.


Change in temperature also alters the behaviour of your tyres. Nowadays, tyres are made according to the weather. For example, winter tyres are perfect for cold conditions and summer tyres are specialists of extremely hot roads.

Moreover, seasonal changes further affect the road surface because of which the driver has to drive his vehicle on slippery, muddy, or snowy surfaces.

Wheel Alignment

Vehicles’ manufacturers set the alignment of wheels properly and guide the buyers to keep the alignment unchanged.

You can read these guidelines in the user’s guide. The wheels are properly aligned if all the steering and suspension parts are set as specified by the carmakers. Proper alignment is required for a smooth drive with proper control over the vehicle. Wheel alignment is disturbed due to road conditions. Therefore, you have to check the alignment regularly to save them from serious damage.

Wheel balancing

A wheel will vibrate if it is not perfectly balanced. Wheel balancing is correct when you buy your new car but over time, imbalance may take place to cause steering issues.

So, wheel balancing is also, a considerable factor while you are on the way of maintaining your tyres effectively.

Road conditions

Road conditions also disturb the performance level of your tyres as a driver needs to drive his vehicle on different surfaces full of snow, mud, rocks, speed breakers, kerbs, and unmade sections.

So, it is natural if different damages occur in your tyre’s structure.

Driving habits

We have talked about over-speeding above. Driving at high speed is indeed a bad habit. Besides driving at high speed, there are more avoidable habits like harsh braking, hitting the kerbs, stopping the vehicle suddenly, sharp turns and driving with improperly inflated tyres.


Equal load distribution is necessary if you wish to keep your tyres healthy for a long time. You can know more about good loading practices by reading your user’s manual.


This is the last factor but certainly not the least essential for a healthy tyre. Proper maintenance reduces the bad effects of the factors described above.

Appropriate maintenance increases the life of your 225 50 r17 tyres and you experience a risk-free and comfortable ride. So, maintain your tyres regularly and keep them in good condition!

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