If you are not one of those who likes to settle for a preset configuration for a computer, you will surely be thinking about assembling a pc to pieces. If so, you should not be tempted to put a cheap pc power supply in order to have some other more expensive component, but why? The power supply is what powers all of your equipment, from hard drives to a processor. If this is low quality, you can cause damage to the other components, although cheap does not mean low quality. Not all power supplies or PSUs are ideal for your pc, and you have to be clear about this from the first moment. The investment in this component must be in accordance with the rest of the equipment and the reliability you want it to have, since power irregularities can cause problems even in the operation of your operating system.

Taking into account a series of considerations we will be able to choose the perfect FA or PSU for the team that we are assembling, or for that one that we assembled a while ago but that we were not clear about which source to choose and now we want to change it. There are several things to keep in mind and I have included them in this small guide to choose a best SFX power supply in which I include the most important points that you should review before deciding on one power supply or another.

Continuous Watts’s vs Peak Watts Watts or W is the base of your power supply, this number will help you know if the source you are going to buy is sufficient for your equipment or not, since depending on the other components it will have a minimum consumption or another. For example if you have one or latest generation graphics you will surely need a larger font. We can find today from 350W to 1200W, being now between 500W and 650W the most common in desktop computers. Despite what this number indicates, we have to be very careful when choosing it, since we may not have all the information about the source.

On the manufacturer’s page there are usually the more in-depth specifications, and if you cannot find them or on their page it is reason to choose another FA or even a brand. There are two types of measurement, there are the Continuous Watts and on the other hand the Peak Watts, which indicate two completely different things.

How many watts does a pc power supply need?

As you are assembling it by pieces you can understand that each computer is a world, it will have a different power when combining all its components, and therefore it is very difficult for two to coincide in consumption. A Gamer equipment is not the same as a basic one to navigate and office automation, but how to calculate the watts that my pc needs?

What can you ignore when buying a pc power supply All the details have a certain function when we talk about FAs, but there are some things that you can perfectly ignore and absolutely nothing will happen in your team. You can go deeper into the topic, but even if you do not know these details, your equipment will work well since they have some basic standards.

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