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On-demand Services App Solution

Gone are the days when the salon and spa services were regarded luxurious and only meant for wealthy people, however, nowadays people tend to have a great concern for their look and hairstyle! As a result, the complexion of the beauty industry has been subjected to a drastic change. According to a report from Edited – a retail analytics firm, the global beauty industry is valued at USD 532 billion.

Whatever your business model is, either you already own a salon business or about to start one, in this article, we’re going to see the need for on-demand services application, and how to get the ideal one for your business…!

How vital is a mobile app for your salon business?

Smartphone usage has skyrocketed particularly over the past three years. As a result, the mobile apps helped people a lot to avail services like taxi-booking, food/grocery delivery, online shopping, etc. Since almost 75% of the Internet traffic comes from either smartphones or tablets, businesses these days have started leveraging mobile app technology to reach out to their target audience. Eventually, it becomes necessary for salon businesses to integrate the mobile app into their business model.

A poor administration could result in a poor retention rate! That’s where the on-demand salon app solution could help you manage your customers better no matter what services you offer.

  • The salon mobile app will help customers book an appointment in just a few clicks, without having to wait long!
  • Moreover, these mobile apps also offer customers a sense of freedom to choose their favorite stylists
  • And, the customers can pay through any of the in-app payment methods
  • The salon app reduces manual work thereby resulting in effective business management

We have witnessed closures of numerous beauty salons and spas complying with the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. With some of the countries getting back to normalcy, the industry analysts suggest that these salon businesses will have to leverage digital channels to gain customers post-COVID. And, the salon mobile app is the first of them…!

How to get an app for your salon business?

The on-demand concept is almost utilized in every industry, and the beauty industry is of no exception! Since the Gen Zers consider beauty and wellness as a basic need, the need for a mobile app becomes huge.

From a business point of view, the advantages are many with minimal investment. So, if you decide to develop one for your business, then you need to choose an ideal On-demand services app complying with your business needs.

Make sure you choose the app script that offers these features;

1) Social login

2) Schedule appointment now or later

3) List of professional stylists

4) Real-time tracking

5) Payment gateway integration

These are some of the basic features, however, to amass more users, you need to come up with more enticing features in your app!

What if you don’t have a salon business?

It’s still possible to explore the entrepreneurial opportunity in this with the help of the UrbanClap clone app. You can integrate many salons into this app and let the users book beauty services of their wish! For every booking that has been made through the app, you earn on a commission basis. Not only you create a chance for yourself to earn, but you establish a platform for salons in your region to expand their business.

In simple, you just create a marketplace for salons to reach out to the customers and vice versa.

In a nutshell

As long as human beings exist and their consciousness towards wellness exist, there is no stopping the flourishing beauty industry. There is no doubt that this is an ever-evolving sector and many salon businesses have already started embracing the app-based business model.

Don’t be left behind in this competitive sector! Integrate our Uber for X app into your business and feel the difference in just a matter of days.

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