Dental Emergency During Coronavirus? Here’s What to Do Next!

Right now, all of us are dealing with a lot of transformation. The COVID-19 has affected our lives in a variety of ways. Though we can’t do a lot of stuff, we can still take control of our wellbeing.

With dental clinics around the country delaying non – urgent dental services, it is more essential than ever to stay current with your oral home care.

You get in touch with germs every time you leave your house. However, all healthcare professionals should meet those safety standards. Your dentist and those working for them should sanitize their hands and sterilise their instruments.

Any gears and needles have never been reused. But your dentist’s office can do much more to avoid the spreading of COVID-19, such as:

  • Disinfect all materials and equipment more often than not
  • Clean, repair and cover equipment between implementations
  • Using more safety clothing than normal
  • Cover your face with a dental rubber dam.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can eliminate the need for urgent dental care, and there are some useful tips below.

Maintain good oral hygiene at home

Always make sure that you clean your teeth minimum twice a day. It’s easier to brush your teeth as early as you wake up in the morning than last night.

When you clean your teeth, brush them for at least 2 minutes, as this would give more time to guarantee that any tooth surface is properly washed.

Digital toothbrushes are perfect and they have built-in clocks, so if you use a manually brush, keep a little timer in your bathrooms or use your mobile.

Wear a mouth guard

Carry a mouth guard when you play sports and make sure your kids wear mouth guards as well. Every year, dentists see a lot of oral problems caused by touch and other non-contact games.

If there’s a chance that you might burst your mouth when playing sports, it’s good to wear a mouthguard! Dental trauma can cause gaps or cracks or root canal, in the extreme case, can lead teeth to fall out. The cost of therapeutic dental surgery will run to hundreds of dollars over a lifespan.

Custom-made sports mouthguards offer the best safety for your teeth, reducing the chances of dental injury. It’s easy to wear, and it doesn’t stop breathing.

Fix your dental anxiety if you have deep-seated anxiety disorders and fears.

This is a widespread concern, and you can find that most dental offices are incredibly polite and welcoming and will help you solve these problems.

Be sure the dental practise is focused towards offering more care for stressed people while they speak to you to find the cause for the concerns.

Any dental care you require can be provided at a rate that you are comfortable with. Few may often find it helpful to explore calming or meditation methods prior to appointments.

Reduce the amount of sugar consumption

Reduce the amount of sugar you eat every day and take a look at the moment you consume the sweets. When you snack on sugary snacks often, it raises the acidity in your stomach.

This is how the naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth often use sugars for energy, creating weak acid as a by-product. It damages the tooth enamel, damaging it by destroying certain vital minerals.

Repeated acid attacks will affect more harm to your tooth enamel, likely leading in cavities. It takes about an hour to an hour after eating for pH levels to normalise.

Instead of munching on sweet snacks, add them as part of your main meals as your mouth, minimising the amount of time your mouth is sour and the possible harm to your teeth.

Take your children with you for dental appointments.

Effective dental treatment should begin early, since the earlier a child gets used to seeing a Ottawa dentist, and the less likely it is to experience prejudices and phobias. Excellent on-going oral treatment can prevent childhood tooth decay.

These surfaces are especially susceptible to dental corrosion, and dental coatings are better added shortly after they appear.


Triadent Dental offers medical dental services in Ottawa to ensure quick, high-quality dental services when you really need them most. If it’s a cracked crown, a scraped tooth, or a complete dental removal, our Ottawa dentists will support.

We provide trauma treatment, a traumatic teeth extraction, and more to ensure that we can cope with any dental emergency. Through our friendly, competent team and a comfortable environment, we will assist you through your dental emergency without fear and concern.

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