Onlyfans Stars say Tiktok is Making them Rich: The Truth

We have all heard about symbiotic relationships between two creatures in the biological world. Although they might not be programmed to mutually benefit, they somehow build a sense of dependency inexplicable and beautiful in its own way.

What was once confined to just the biological world has now made its entry into the technical world as well. There are two unrelated applications that have somehow managed to create a synergic relationship between themselves. Let us look at these two applications and how they have created a unique bearing of profitability for its users and creators.

One of the apps is the Chinese micro-video app called TikTok, and the other is the premium social network from Britain called OnlyFans clone.

About TikTok

TikTok is a creation of the Chinese tech company ByteDance. For a long time, it was confined to the Chinese market. It was created in 2015, but only in 2018 did it make a grand entry into the global app arena. Within a short time, TikTok skyrocketed to become one of the most popular apps in the global market. Give me 2018, it was the most downloaded app on the iOS App Store.

Timothy has quite a lopsided spectrum of audience. 41% of TikTok users belong to the age group 16 to 24. Interestingly, the biggest chunk of TikTok users was from India, accounting for about 43% of its global user base. Recently, the Indian government banned TikTok and a host of other Chinese applications. TikTok has also been banned by a lot of other countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

This disappearance did not, however, deter the popularity of TikTok in the global market. On one side, a lot of celebrities started to mark their presence on this social network. Parallel to this, TikTok had also created a new breed of influencers who became celebrities in their own right that is OnlyFans clone.

TikTok also has a native advertising platform. The advertising revenues contribute to a major chunk of the profit and by TikTok.

Most of the content on TikTok focuses on the fact that the attention span of users is quite low. The average duration of a video on TikTok is between 3 and 15 seconds, and some of them are as lengthy as 60 seconds. TikTok is a favorite among people who create lip-synch videos, dancers, performance artists, and creators who can create concise and crisp video content.

TikTok is available in over 40 languages. As of July 2020, there are about 90 million active users in the United States alone, and 90% of these users use the app at least once a day.

About OnlyFans

OnlyFans clone, as we have discussed earlier, is a premium social network. It functions very much like any other social network that is focused on fans rather than connections. However, instead of making all the content available for free, they ensure that every content is made premium.

By doing so, they have created a completely new business model. The creators ensure that the content available on OnlyFans is not available anywhere else on the Internet, giving the fans a sense of access to exclusivity.

The way in which OnlyFans makes money is rather interesting and intriguing. The fans are asked to pay a flat subscription fee for accessing the content. The platform pays 80% to the creators and retains 20% of the total income as their commission. After taxes and other expenses, the profit percentage of OnlyFans is about 12%.

OnlyFans found a new surge of acceptance during the COVID-19 pandemic. This skyrocketed patronage can be attributed to the major segment of creators on the platform, namely, fitness enthusiasts and erotic entertainers. People working in both these industries had to suffer heavy losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were forced to look for alternate sources of income and earnings, and OnlyFans stepped in as a proper and dependable platform for ensuring steady income.

As of May 2020, the site had about 24 million registered users and has paid about $725 million to its huge list of 450,000 content creators. The CEO of OnlyFans claimed that the site has about 200,000 new visitors every day in addition to the joining of about 7000 to 8000 new creators in the same time frames. There have been instances of creators earning more than $1 million within the first 24 hours of joining the platform. Although the platform has a thorough mix of content creators belonging to the adult, fitness, and culinary industry, the pornographic nature of most of the content mandates that all the users of the platform are over 18 years of age. 

The uncanny relationship

As you can understand, these two platforms are quite different from each other. However, there is some weird relationship where OnlyFans clone benefits from TikTok.

We have all heard of one fuel being used for the start and the other is used to keep it going. Precisely, in the same way, TikTok is used as a platform that can help gain a lot of fans in OnlyFans. It is not a thing of surprise to see people earn a 10th of 1 million on TikTok. However, the correlation between TikTok and OnlyFans has surfaced only recently.

The way it works

TikTok has got the user base it takes to elevate the popularity of a person. However, when it comes to earning, TikTok might not be a leader. Most creators use TikTok as a platform to create teasers of what they could be doing on OnlyFans.

Although there are strict content policies that advise against posting explicit content on TikTok, not many people seem to follow it, especially when their motive is to get more paid fans on OnlyFans. Even before the algorithms of TikTok recognize the presence of such content and remove the users, whatever needs to be achieved has already been achieved.

It has become so much of a common practice that there are a lot of people who comment wanting the OnlyFans clone profile of performers full highlight sexually explicit content but implicitly. There have been instances of creators being started off with TikTok, but the comment section has encouraged them to get into OnlyFans because it explicitly notifies that it is a better platform for earning.

What makes it possible?

The credit for TikTok indirectly boosting OnlyFans has to be given to its algorithm. TikTok bans the mention of the term “OnlyFans“ in the description or on hashtags. TikTok ensures that some form of content that is organically popular gets more visibility.

Users are bound to find erotic content attractive, and it automatically contributes to the popularity of people who create such content. If such content gets more popular, these creators have built a passive channel to increase the number of subscriptions on OnlyFans. 

A lot of creators have found that the magnitude of their earnings on OnlyFans is directly proportional to the intensity of their activity on TikTok. These days, people in the fitness and erotic industry ensure that they have a passive presence on TikTok and the content is created in such a way that it brings more and more people into subscribing to their channel on OnlyFans.

The controversial territory

The biggest chasm between TikTok and OnlyFans has to be in terms of the content popularity and the chunk of the biggest users and their age groups. As it has already been discussed, a lot of people using TikTok belong to the age group between 16 and 24. Conversely, OnlyFans has been focusing a lot on content that is restricted to people ages above 18.

This Delta has been the cause of concern for both platforms. However, there cannot be any strict enforcement of policies. TikTok has been taking a lot of steps to ensure that the quality and ethicality of the content on the OnlyFans clone platform is kept to acceptable levels.

OnlyFans, however, does not seem to mind the way in which they get their share of customers. They have been open enough to tell the world that the content is not suitable for all audiences and is, by default, an NSFW. Any premium social network will have to depend on other platforms to bring people into their platform. OnlyFans is not an exception to this methodology, and they will depend on plums like Hennessey to bring people into their faith network.


Although TikTok has its own advertising platform, it might not be as profitable as what OnlyFans offers. This can be attributed to the fact that almost every content on OnlyFans can be accessed only on a paid basis. Therefore, it can be concluded that developing an app like OnlyFans is a highly profitable business idea.

However, building an app like OnlyFans or any other app for that matter could be quite a cumbersome and daunting affair. Instead of hiring your own team or partnering with an app development company, you could consider purchasing and customizing an OnlyFans. A white label OnlyFans clone is available just like a product off the shelf. All you need to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the creation of the customization of white label films of OnlyFans. They will take care of not only to understand your business requirements but also to shape the product according to your needs, so you are all set to launch your premium social network business.

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