Online Resource Scheduling Tools Transform the Way you Manage Business Activities

So, what’s the main part of project management according to you? It is managing the available resources effectively to complete the tasks efficiently, on time, and within budget. But who says scheduling resources is an easy task? In fact, managing people, equipment, and facilities can be quite daunting. You need to assign and schedule resources depending on the resource availability, capacity planning, effort, and project scope. Companies usually land up in problems as they either over-allocate resources or don’t allocate enough. This impacts overall profitability, client satisfaction, and even relationships with third-party vendors. There’s no magic wand to do this but using a good online Resource Scheduling Tool has come to a project manager’s rescue.

Other than structured productivity, one of the key advantages of online resource scheduling tools is that it helps you to assess your project’s overall health in terms of metrics like speed of delivery, productivity, and efficiency. With the technological advancements, project managers can be better equipped by using a multi-user resource scheduling software. Read on to see how your organization can benefit and maintain high maturity in the long term.

Organizing Projects More Efficiently

Resource scheduling enables in organizing various aspects and effectively plan and completing the project.

  • It helps in defining the project or its scope clearly. Here, all the tasks and sub-tasks in the project are to be listed.
  • Then, the time and effort to do all those tasks needs to be determined. This could be in number of hours, total days, or weeks needed to complete a task, how many people are needed for each task, etc.
  • You also need to find out if there are any constraints and plan for them.

Time Sheet Management

The biggest advantage of time sheet management is that it can reduce the overall costs in the organization

  1. It helps in processing the payroll data more efficiently.
  2. It brings to light the various human costs, which were not visible earlier. The project manager can then easily work on lowering those costs to increase returns.
  3. It aids in automating the invoices and billing system.

Adaptable Resource Allocations

When you are scheduling resources in hand, you start by getting an enterprise-wide visibility of your total resource pool.

  • You get to know the exact number of trained and experienced resources available across departments whose skills match with your requirements.
  • You can then onboard the right people, thus making self-managed and responsible teams who have equal work allocated. You’ll also know if there is a surplus of any resources or if there are is resource mismatch, which will help you in re-structuring.
  • You can make detailed schedules based on resource’s availability and location. In case there are any overallocations, online resource scheduling tools instantly highlight and raise a red flag.

Enhanced Communications

Resource scheduling provides project managers with a better and comprehensive understanding of what’s happening around. Fortunately, there are many online resource scheduling tools these days that offer collaborative features and shareability options.

  • This will help your team to communicate clearly and collaborate more effectively.
  • The flow of work would become easy and smooth.

Effective Planning and Project Tracking

Online Resource Scheduling Tools enable you plan for resources while keeping in mind the project limitations as it points out any scheduling conflicts that could occur during the execution stage.

  • If your there are any changes suggested by the client, the project team can discuss them to identify the solution and see how that will alter the workload and individual schedules.
  • Once you reach on agreeable terms with the client, you can track the project curve and see if there are any variations in resource utilization or productivity.
  • Then, you can make informed decisions for the work in pipeline, and also see if your project is impacted positively or negatively.
  • You can also link between the budget and the plan and forecast your resource availability while making long-term plans.

Handling Project Complexities

Imagine if tracking employees, their availability, and utilization becomes easy. What if you can fetch various reports, graphical and visual representation, and calendar integration for planning ahead? The online resource scheduling tools are designed to tackle the complexities involved in projects.

  • It helps project managers to respond to impromptu leave requests and organize a suitable replacement immediately without hampering the timelines.
  • It presents all the relevant information that can help in predicting any gaps and immediately find a solution for it.

Capacity Planning and Management

Efficient online resource scheduling tools pull out resourcing data with its inbuilt capacity inventory.

  • By responding to any resource insufficiencies with requisite skills that adjust to new market opportunities, an organization can draw new and repeat business from existing and new clients alike.
  • Capacity planning prepares your business for market uncertainties like changing purchase patterns, technology adaptations, or consumer behavior.
  • It helps in determining if there was any hiring mismatch earlier. Then, you can do resourcing for your projects in an optimal manner so that continuity in capability is maintained through the entire project lifecycle.

Enbraun’s eResource Scheduler

Enbraun’s flagship product, eResource Scheduler, is available in both Cloud and On-Premise versions. With features like high configurability and ease of use, various organizations of different sizes are using state-of-the-art tool since 2011. Other features include detailed dashboard offering all information on a single screen, various types of user-defined fields that facilitate capturing complete information about your projects.

There’s a comprehensive resource scheduling chart with filters that can identify qualified resources suitable for each project requirement. Features like drag and drop, extend-shorten, precise split, availability and overload indicator, copy-paste make scheduling and resource management efficient and quick. To integrate this tool with other business tools, you could use Open REST API, and can also benefit from easy imports/exports. To sum up, the timesheets feature and unique financial module (offering both cost and billing rates along with a forecasting report) makes eResource Scheduler one of the best online resource scheduling and management tools available. Try eResource Scheduler at $5/resource/month or enjoy an annual billing discount (14-day free trial).

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