Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh

Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh – A New Opportunity

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The internet has completely changed the way of doing business across countries of the world. Companies from all sectors now communicate and make sales with their customers in the digital environment. This means that electronic commerce is increasingly becoming inevitable among different sectors and industries to acquire new customers and increase profits. Thus, Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh is in no way a difference among other sectors.

For pharmacies, e-commerce can also bring very positive results no matter how sensitive the products are. With the internet technology, the public can order MIPs (non-prescription drugs) and other products through their computers or cell phones. Besides, conducting online sales can also help a pharmacy to stand out from competitors. 

Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh started not quite long; about a decade ago and is yet to be fully explored as it has a lot of potential for growth in the future for the business. However, one can rightly say that the online medicine store in Bangladesh is a new venture with a lot of positive potentials yet to be harnessed. That is why many pharmaceutical stores ventured into the business, offers the quickest delivery service in megacities like Dhaka, where some of the populace have seen them as a huge relief to the people of the society by saving their time, money and energy.

Should I invest in Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh?

It is quite clear that many pharmaceutical store owners in Bangladesh are reluctant to move their pharmacy to the digital environment. This is because this market has traditionally worked with specialized professionals. Some even thought that online medicine stores in Bangladesh would be a threat to their role as a trusted customer guide. However, the convenience of online ordering increasingly allows staff to have more time to be consultative and improve customer service. 

It is worth mentioning that the numbers of Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh are increasingly positive, especially in the past one decade, delivering medicine and OTC (over-the-counter) or MIPs (non-prescription drugs) drugs all over Bangladesh.

According to Sunera Saba Khan, Research Economist, SANEM, “in Bangladesh retail e-commerce is growing at 72 percent a month. At present, more than 35,000 individuals and above 25,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are part of this sector”. And the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh, though new in the e-marketing world, presently taking advantage of the potentials of online marketing. People’s most expectations are providing quality medicine and services alone at a good price.

Therefore, with this transition to the digital world, many pharmacies in Bangladesh have already approached e-commerce to expand their businesses.

Advantages of Online Pharmacy

E-commerce encompasses much more than just an online ordering system. The advantages are diverse, both for pharmacies, which expand their businesses and for the public, which obtains much more convenience and ease to make their purchases. Hence, opening an online medicine store in Bangladesh would provide the following advantages.

  • Pharmaceutical stores can use this avenue to improve customer relations by effectively interacting with customers and will also have a better opportunity to increase their customers.
  • Customers can buy OTC (over-the-counter) medications and other products quickly and conveniently, either by cell phone or computer;
  • As the online store can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people can make their purchases at any time;
  • The pharmacy can order through delivery and thus offer other personalized solutions for its customers;
  • The website also allows you to include complete information about medications, dosage, side effects and more;
  • The products are well organized so that the public can easily see and find what they need;
  • Another point that we can mention is to provide the customer with greater discretion when buying.

What to Consider When Starting an Online Medicine Store in Bangladesh

If you want to start an online medicine store in Bangladesh, it is important to be aware that some features can be included in your store to provide a better experience for visitors. Such features include:


This section is essential for users to quickly organize items and find them again after they re-enter the site.


Everyone likes to pay cheaper on something, services alone at a good price. So, including products that have discounts or promotional packages can increase sales.


This space encourages visitors to purchase some products that other people are buying.

Mobile App

Remember that customers can take their favorite stores in their pocket, so bet on an app so they can access your e-commerce from anywhere.

Physical Withdrawal and Geo location

If your pharmacy is part of a chain, you can also include online shopping and pick up at the location, offering geolocation so that it identifies the nearest location.Integrated Chat: This type of approach allows companies to communicate to their customers in real-time, supporting product security, restrictions, and more. 



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