Online Nursery Admission in Gurgaon During COVID-19: What does it Entail?

Schools have closed down their physical operations for most of the year 2020 due to the pandemic. They have translated their entire system of pedagogy to the digital mode for the ease of the students. Now that the school year is almost at the end, it is time to conduct admissions. So, many schools have begun developing a system for nursery admissions online in Gurgaon so that the children do not lose any precious time.

COVID-19 has especially affected pre-nursery and nursery children. Their entire routine and learnings have been toppled. Parents and teachers are trying their best to make up for the loss through digital education and problem-based learning approach. But with the prediction that the virus is here to stay, life must carry on with required changes. Hence, CBSE nursery schools in Gurgaon have begun their admission process. Since this is the first time that any admission process, especially at the nursery level, is being conducted online, there is some confusion. Because of the practical problems it poses, the schools have not been able to gain a consensus on what the procedure should look like and how it should be carried out.  

Pre-COVID Admissions

In Gurgaon, admissions for nursery schools were carried out from July to September. By October, the list would be finalised, and the children would begin their session in March-April of the subsequent year. While there wasn’t a single criterion for all the schools, the government and regulatory authorities would oversee the entire process. There would be a lottery draw for all children, to offer equal opportunity to all. There was a certain preference given to parents living within 1 km radius of the school. There would be a uniform age limit across all schools. Parents could easily walk into the school with their children. They could take a detailed tour of the classes, programmes and the infrastructure that the school has to offer. All this would help them decide if their child and the school were a good fit. Due to the unprecedented times of the pandemic, all this is now lost.

The Change

Schools are still finding their footing in the world of digital education for their students. The educators, parents and children haven’t had time to prepare or learn the ropes before diving into it. However, they have been learning through the process and have now become comfortable with the new system. Admissions, although, are a completely different ball-game.

Parents have very limited knowledge of the schools and can only take a virtual tour. They can speak to educators for five to ten minutes to ask all their queries. Schools are allowing parents of prospective students to sit through their classes to gauge if the programme and pedagogy are right for their child. They are limited to screens to decide the future of their child, which has become a cause of great anxiety and stress.

Schools have been catering to all the problems faced by the parents patiently. However, they still haven’t paved a clear path and process to how the admissions will be conducted. Due to the lack of a regulatory body in such conditions, the schools are under discussion over the most viable options. They will still follow the lottery system, which will probably be conducted online, and the age criteria, which is three-plus years and six months as on September for nursery and four-plus years for Kindergarten. They will offer the same leverage to students living in the vicinity of the school. Yet, the finer details of the process are still in the works.

The Bright Side

Parents and educators have found themselves in an unprecedented situation this year in terms of offering education to their children. Schools and educators have been working tirelessly to offer what’s best for their students by adapting to digital means with the lowest preparation. When it comes to admissions, one can expect them same ingenuity.

All the doubts and anxieties of the parents will be kept in mind while building a process for the admissions. The schools will ensure that they provide a seamless and hassle-free experience of admission for their child. The schools are conducting admissions without waiting for the pandemic to be over is solely so that the children do not lose any more time than they already have.

Due to the heavy confusion and distress, there is a chance that the selection and admission criteria of the schools will be relaxed. One can also expect regulatory guidelines from the government to arrive soon, which will offer further clarity on the matter.

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