On the Pros and Cons of a 1.5 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit

There are tons of options for heating and cooling homes and businesses, and among them heat pumps are only one choice. Whether you are looking for a split system, a package unit with an air conditioner, a gas electric system or a dual fuel option to keep you comfortable throughout the seasons, each of them will bring their advantages and disadvantages to the table.

If you’ve heard a lot about heat pump package units such as a 1.5 ton heat pump package unit but want to know more about heat pumps in general, here are some of the things to weigh in the purchase decision before you move forward. Here are some of the benefits that come along with a heat pump.

Energy efficiency – One of the most enticing features of most heat pumps is that they promise to save homeowners and businesses a lot of money. Heat pumps will use up less energy per unit to keep you comfortable as compared to other HVAC solutions.

Heating and cooling come together – In addition to being energy efficient, heat pumps come with a heating and cooling system as a part of the package. Whereas in other situations a homeowner might need to purchase a furnace and an air conditioning unit to supply the same, with a heat pump you get both solutions in one.

Long Lifespan – in addition to the fact that heat pumps are fairly energy efficient and can potentially save homeowners and businesses money on energy bills, they also last a long time. Generally, heat pumps also don’t require a ton of maintenance, as compared to other heating and cooling systems. Both air source and ground source models have fairly high longevity.

While these two benefits on their own might be enticing enough to get you to consider options in a 1.5 ton heat pump package unit for your own home, there are some drawbacks about which you should know before moving forward. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind that are in a heat pump’s camp of benefits.

Expense – There’s no way to sugar coat this one – heat pumps usually come with pretty high up front costs. Not only will the unit be expensive, but it may cost a bit to install, not to mention the fact that you might need to make alterations to your current system.

Not as much power as a furnace or a dedicated air conditioner – Finally, keep in mind that while they are energy efficient, they lack the raw power of a furnace or of an electric air conditioner. For that reason, oftentimes these units are paired with supplementary furnaces in cold climates where a little extra heavy might be needed. Energy efficiency is one thing, but sometimes a heat pump will need a boost from another unit for added comfort.

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