On The Importance of Properly Fitting Snow Boots

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the importance of shoes and boots that fit properly and the number of reasons that stand behind that. With just about any shoes, you’re accelerating their wear and tear by wearing them in sizes that are too small for your feet, as the strain they put on you is equal to the strain you put on them.

Then we have talked about the fact that if your shoes or boots are too tight, they will put you at a higher risk of injury, either from slipping and falling due to inadequate sizing or to other factors. Shoes or boots that are too tight, for example, put you at risk of developing bunions, corns, arthritis, and plenty of other problems. You can also develop chronic conditions or acute conditions like tendonitis if your shoes or boots are too tight and you spend too much time on your feet.

These issues are universal, but when it comes to boots for cold weather living, sizing becomes even more important. The other considerations still matter, but there is even more to take into account after that.

If, for example, you wear a size 15 shoe or boot. If that’s the case and you have a need for snow boots, then you need to find Mens Snow Boots Size 15 when you are shopping. Snow boots that aren’t sized right are impractical for outdoor work in the snow and should be avoided.

Snow boots tend to confer three main benefits. In the first place, they offer waterproofing which is basically an essential prerequisite for snow boots because if your feet get wet in the cold you’ll be cooked. Not literally, since cooking requires heat, but you get the point.

In the second place, most snow boots offer superior traction on snow itself or other slick and slippery surfaces. That traction is not just a function of the tread pattern and the material of the outsoles. It is also a function of how well the boots fit. If the boots don’t offer a proper fit, then the boot won’t grip as intended. It also might throw you off balance if it doesn’t sit on your foot the way it should.

In the third place, and by far the most important of them, is the fact that snow boots are designed to offer good insulation as part of their protection against the cold. In many cases you can find snow boots for men that offer amazing thermal insulation, sometimes protective down below -40 degrees or with features like thousands of grams of thinsulate material.

These are designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the bitterest, most inhospitable winter conditions. The problem lies with a condition in which your boots are too small. The thing to consider is that boots don’t create heat. All they do is trap the heat produced by your body; then their insulation prevents the undue dissipation of that heat. If your boots are too tight, then you can say goodbye to that insulation. Tight boots, or any tight footwear really, will constrict your foot and thus limit the amount of blood flow and heat that makes it to your foot. When that happens, your feet get slowly colder over time and the insulation of your boots will become ineffective.

Therefore, if you need mens snow boots size 15, that is precisely what you should be getting. It’s a waste of time and money to shop for a pair of snow boots that will fail to keep you warm, so make sure to get them in your size. Also, if you were concerned that finding size 15 footwear for men is a trial, worry no longer, because you can find extra large footwear at the aptly named XLFeet.com. Visit their site today and find your next pair of snow boots, in the right size.

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