Off-page vs On-page SEO. Which is more important to rank a website?

Ever wondered what are the various components of a website or portal that helps draw more web traffic to your website? Most people are under the impression that it is only their web content that goes on their pages that make all the difference. However, the reality seems to be a little different. Besides all the detailed information that is sited on your website in the form of web content, content writers also write tons of blogs.

It is well said that “Content is a King, but not without SEO” – said by Jessica who is working in an assignment help company.

The SEO can further be classified under two sub-categories which are:

  • Off- page SEO
  • On- page SEO

Now, before we get to understanding which amongst these two blogs are more pivotal in ranking a website, let us first understand in detail what each of them means and what are the differences between the two. When people look at the dynamics of the SEO they feel that they can all be rolled into one section and then be handled. However, the two broad categories are the on-page and the off-page section and both are equally important to rank a website as said by JJ Thomas, Senior SEO Consultant, GoDissertationHelp. To understand them a bit better let us comprehend what each of them means.

Basic Difference

When you talk about the on page content, it basically means all the content that is being written and managed for your internal pages. Since it is something that is handled in house and for your own portal you need to do everything you can to make sure that they are completely optimized and have utilized all the aspects such as keyword usage and title and meta tags as well.

On the other hand, when you talk about the off-page content it means all the content that you have no direct control over. These are all those pages that are not on your website and are posted elsewhere such as guest blogs on partner websites to which you either have backlinks created. Basically all the content that can be used to promote your brand on several social media platforms, that eventually trace back to your original website.

Now that we have understood the two basic categories of SEO operations, let us decipher which one of the two are more essential to help in the ranking of your website.

On-page Components

To answer the question which is understanding which is more effective or better to improve the ranking of your website, it is important to understand that they both play a pivotal role. As discussed above, the two major components of SEO are either through their on page and off page, and while each of them is different, they have the same role of attracting more web traffic and thus increasing the rank of your website on the search engines.

On one hand all the on page content will serve the purpose of improving your ranking by concentrating on aspects such as:

  • Your page titles and overall description
  • Good website speed
  • Mobile adaptiveness
  • Usage of H1 tags to define your page

Off-page Components

When we talk about the off page content it means more of your attempt to promote your pages on other partner portals and social media platforms. Some of the major components that can be considered as a part of off page aspects are:

  • Reviews on 3rd party portals
  • Guest blogging on different portals
  • Intensive social media marketing
  • Link building

With a careful mix and balance of both these components, one can easily work towards building a better website that has better ranking on search engines globally. Both on page and off page content are equally vital to improve the positioning of your website on a global scale. So, in the case when you are still working on your website building strategy make sure you include both on page and off page strategies as well.

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