Notebook Battery Drains Fast? These 5 Solutions Will Work for You

The run time of batteries varies significantly from one laptop to another as some batteries can give you power throughout the day whereas others last only a few hours. However, if your notebook or laptop doesn’t give you enough juice even for an hour, it’s most likely the time to change the battery or its dc or ac adapter. The actual problem most of the time occurs due to a bad battery but bad adapters play a vital role to reduce the overall battery life.

Although some batteries need to be replaced there are a number of preventative actions that can help you boost the battery life overall meaningfully. So, let’s have a look at these five major solutions to extend the battery life of your laptop.

Look for Tremendously Cold or Hot Temperature

The battery life of a laptop massively depends on the temperature. How? Using your laptop for a plentiful hour can heat up the CPU and graphics processor and a lot of heat can damage the battery. Therefore, it’s a smart move to avoid using too much in summer days to keep the battery and machine cool.

On the other hand, also avoid uncovering or exposing your laptop to freezing temperature as it can freeze the battery of your laptop and hence, will lose power. And if it’s so, it won’t be able to hold the charge for too long.

Always Use Updated Apps and Software

Installing new updates of software or using update-to-date apps don’t only protect your laptop from viruses or malware but also help to increase battery life. The main goal behind installing the operating system updates is to improve the battery life and if you keep avoiding, it may cause a faster battery drain than it needs to.

However, don’t only focus on the operating system updates, you should keep an eye on the applications you’re using as bad apps play a significant role to drain the battery suggestively.

Reduce the Brightness

Another major thing you need to do is to reduce the brightness level. Perhaps it doesn’t appear to be a serious issue but screen’s backlight is the power-hungry component that consumes a lot of battery. All you need to do is to find out the “key” of brightness on your Windows or MacBook and reduce the brightness with immediate effects. It can normally be found as the “F” button – positioned on the top of the keyboard.

Avoid Plugging in for Long

Of course, your laptop needs to be charged on a daily basis but we should avoid leaving our laptops plugged in even after the battery is fully charged. Leaving your laptop plugged in means the battery’s performance drop down faster.

Be noted that the more your laptop’s battery charges, the higher it has to store the voltage. Although, more voltages seem good but not really good for battery life as it can damage it drastically. It will lead your battery to hold charge only for a few minutes or it may lose power.

Avoid Leaving Wi-Fi Turned-On When Not Using

Whether you accept or deny, leaving Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned-on can cause battery drain faster. The reason behind it is that your laptop will keep looking for new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to get connected with and hence, the battery will keep draining.  Make sure to disable all the options when it’s not in use even if you’re trying to save your laptop or notebook battery. How can you do it? Well, it entirely depends on the model or brand of a laptop you are using but normally, you can find these options in the “Settings” on most of the Windows laptops and MacBooks.

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