No Time Like Now for Businesses to Switch to Call Center Software

COVID 19 and its effects spurred John, owner of a medium scale business, to switch to call center software, replacing the good old IP PBX. Till then it was a challenge to handle various channels of communication and COVID 19 with its social distancing norms served as the impetus to switch to a robust, all-encompassing, omnichannel solution that kept business going regardless of employee location. Even if Covid-19 had not struck the writing was on the wall: business communication needs to do more than just facilitate interaction with customers on phone. Delay adoption of better communications and you will face issues with team collaboration and customer service. Switch now to contact center software and stay on top. 

Employees matter

It is understandable for business owners to focus on customers because that is where the money comes from but it pays to give just as much importance to employees. After all, they facilitate work. At the very least you could get inbound call center software to make life and work easier for them, especially when it is not possible for everyone to gather at the workplace. How does it help?

  • Online time attendance and tracking of each employee in office and employees at home.
  • Easy collaboration between employees regardless of distance
  • Access and share data in the CRM 
  • Talk with each other and share documents 
  • Engage in conferencing, audio or video to discuss the day’s work, work on issues together and facilitate smooth work with distance posing no impediment
  • Access all channels of communication including fax, email, voice, chat, SMS and social media channels through a single dashboard interface. 59% customers prefer social media interactions with brands. 
  • Record interactions with customers
  • Incoming calls from customers or vendors go to the right person through the skill based mapping feature – no wasted time for callers or employees.

Consider how much time and effort would be spent in coordinating and synchronizing matters if you used different, isolated modes of communications. Employee happiness and ease of working contribute to better customer services that translate to improved revenues. 

Customer experience

The contact center software plays a pivotal role in delivering satisfactory experience to each customer. 

  • An existing customer may call. The call goes through the call center software to the employee working from home familiar with the case. It is an easy matter to bring up caller details on the screen and address issues. A superior or another person from another department can join the conversation if necessary. The result is first called the resolution, which is important considering that 33% of customers expect a resolution on the first attempt. 
  • The software routes the call to the right person who is knowledgeable and, if required another employee can be contacted during the ongoing call to obtain information that answers the caller’s query. 31% of customers appreciate knowledgeable customer service. 
  • The software helps you gather customer feedback that helps you improve the quality of service and products using the analytics feature. 90% of customers expect businesses to have a feedback mechanism in place. 
  • In the case of new customers, the order can be accepted by one employee, handed over to another for the process, and yet another for execution and dispatch with a seamless flow, keeping customers informed of developments at each stage. 
  • A senior employee can monitor conversations and jump in if required. Customers may or may not submit feedback but surely they are likely to post opinions on social media that you can use to good effect. 

73% businesses, according to a Deloitte study, find that quality of service contributes to growth and that depends on a happy customer experience. You can achieve it with the right contact center software to service customers and drive campaigns. 

Drive campaigns

Covid induced downturn is no excuse to stay stagnant. You can push for more business using the contact center solution’s outbound campaign planning features. It can be automated or you can have employees generate leads using the auto dialer/predictive dialer combination. 

  • It is just as easy to use the SMS/voicemail module and IVR to set up automated outbound sales campaigns. Should a target wish to talk immediately, the “hot” lead can be handled immediately by a sales person.
  • Other “expressions of interest” go into the CRM, a separate lead list that your sales people can handle expeditiously to strike while the iron is hot and get conversions. 

Should you get on-premise or opt for hosted software?

Money position can be tight and though on-premise call center software costs less to operate it does require upfront capital investment. Hosted call center solution is attractive and the perfect fit for businesses that wish to leverage communications. Your employees can access the software from anywhere using any device. You can scale up or scale down operations and never have to worry about updates or maintenance. Since there is no upfront payment, it is one more reason to switch to contact center software that will facilitate work and drive more business. 

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