New way of Buying Gold– Digital Gold Online with CoinBazaar is Gold and Silver Coins & Bars Online store particularize in serving our customers with keen focus on giving them the best experience in buying Gold & Silver Online via our store. We help customers to buy the best coins & bars with more than 1000+ varieties of various denominations and purity with a proficient team of young entrepreneurs taking the traditional Bullion business of jewelers to the next level. Our rapidly growing Business has more than 8 years of experience and has been selling physical precious metals like Gold/Silver/Platinum in the form of coins and bars. We have assessed to partner with Augmont to provide a digital platform that enables the users to buy/sell Gold using their mobile phones and computers eliminating overhead expenses.
This is the best time to invest in the future of precious metals through digital gold online, as we have a near-perfect history of performance which makes us standalone among others. To invest in digital gold, Coinbazaar offers direct ownership, instant liquidity, and fully insured mode so that you can sell it easily. As Gold relates with auspiciousness, wealth, and investment but when you buy gold with a trusted platform, you get a guarantee to get the best quality and this is the cost-effective way to own physical gold.

Plenty of Reasons to Invest in Digital Gold with Coin Bazaar –
Coinbazaar – A Trusted Platform Since 2012 – Buy universal symbol of wealth – Gold or Digital Gold with a name who is a pioneer to offer you the best price with topmost quality.

Augmont – A Reliable Prominent Name in DIGITAL GOLD – Augmont considers as amongst the best in the market. Its India’s first fully electronic over-the-counter (OTC) delivery based bullion trading system and undoubtedly the most successful in the world.

Buy/Sell Digital Gold at Live Rates [999 Purity including 3% GST] – Get assured live market rates any time whenever you want to buy or sell gold.
Secured & OTP Based Transaction From Your Registered Mobile – You can easily do the OTP based transaction in a very easy manner. 

Buy Gold As Per Your Budget – With Coinbazaar professional team, you get digital gold without any specific limit of minimum or maximum amount. As per your convenience, you can do it. 
Sell Gold for Money into your Bank A/c – When you think, you want to approach to sell gold, no big formalities and in a short span of time, you will get the amount in your bank account. 
Convert DigiGold Balance into Coupon – When you think you want to convert the digital gold, We will assist you in the conversion of Digigold to the coupon so that in the future you can buy gold coins, silver coins, platinum bars, or any other product from with this coupon.
Transfer DigiGold from your balance – If you want to gift your loved one a special gift in this festive season, you can easily move from your balance.
“My Digital Gold” tab keeps All the RECORDS of your BUY / SELL / TRANSFER – If you want to track all your digital gold transactions, just check on our website in your account, and monitor everything related to buying, selling, and transfer details.
Nominee Name Option Available – In “My Personal Info” you can mention the Nominee Contact Number and name so the Digital Gold Balance will be transferred to the Nominee after proper verification

Secure Transparent – Convenient to buy your Digital Gold from CoinBazaar.


With an instant liquidity feature, you can invest in Digital Gold. Just enter the amount in ₹ or grams and in an easy manner get gold of a fixed worth, or buy by weight at the live market rate.

BUY DIGITAL GOLD – With instant liquidity feature, you can invest in Digital Gold. Just enter the amount in ₹ or grams and in an easy manner get gold of a fixed worth, or buy by weight at the live market rate. 

CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD –  Review your order and select the account, card, or wallet you’d like to use to make Precious metal Investor in a short span of time. 

VIEW YOUR GOLD LOCKER – As you create an account, it would be updated in just a few seconds and can be accessed 24/7. 

SELL DIGITAL GOLD – You can select to sell Digi gold by a fixed worth, or sell by weight at the live market rate.

SELECT AMOUNT TO CREDIT – Select the bank account or Voucher you wish to receive money in.

RECEIVE YOUR FUNDS / VOUCHER – The sale amount will be credited to your account within 2 working days or converted to Voucher as per your choice

Everything transforms with time, why not Gold investment. So, try this new digital gold online smart savings in this festive season with CoinBazaar to enhance your wealth with auspiciousness and security for the future. Just invest in digital gold with a trusted Brand as it’s one of the most innovative, convenient, and cost-effective ways to buy the gold with the ability to invest it anytime.

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