Namami Gange Scheme : A Pretty Scheme Launched to Clean Ganga

The Namami Gange project is launched to stop the pollution occurred in the river. Ganga river is a sacred river of India. Indian people are mentally and emotionally attached with this river. But increasing pollution in the river hurts the feelings of Indian people. The Ganga Action Plan was launched by Late PM Rajiv Gandhi. As Modi government come in power he announced various sarkari yojana list for the development of Indian cultural places. He focused on clean-up Ganga project.He takes necessary steps under the clean-Ganga mission. The GAP now renamed as Namami Gange Programme.

Why Ganga Is a Heritage Place

Ganga is a heritage place a symbol of our civilization. Yes it’s a fact and this is why from all over India people come here to take bath and get the moksha. Due to heavy pollution of plastic and industrial waste the quality of water is disturbed. The clean ganga project is launched to avoid such type of cases. The project is aimed at conducting new sewage treatment plants to ensure pure quality water.

The Clean Ganga Programme Services

  • Effective national mission arrange many afforestation activities for biodiversity conservation.
  • Many sewage treatment plants launched to clean the banks of the river to arrest the pollution of water.
  • Rural sanitiziation is led to avoid spreading waste in river.
  • Repair of bank of river is an integral part. The ghats of rivers are improvised with good quality construction.
  • Under this programme medium-term activities keep a watch on the waste thrown by the Municipal Corporation and industries.
  • e-flow technological aspect is envisioned to maintain the water flow of river.
  • Kanpur, Varanasi, Mathura and Vrundavan, Allahabad, Patna and New Delhi all cities have started implementing this service under the Namami Gange Yojana.
  • The main focus of this programme is to clean the river ghats and surface cleaning.

Clean-Ganga Action Plan

Namami Gange action plan is successful because it is headed by the institutional body NMCG (National Mission for Clean Ganga). The Institution provides financial support and administrative support to look up at the issues of Ganga’s clean-up. Unlike previous schemes this scheme is started the process of cleaning Ganga in various states. Around 180 ghats are cleaned and other river surfaces are under process. Since the scheme launched the project was noticed and serious steps are taken for improving the quality of bank of ganga rivers.

Namami Gange Project is not a small project. It needs a huge investment as well as huge manforce to clean the ghats and river surfaces. Clean-ganga is a prioritized sarkari yojana made for the restoration and rejuvenation of Heritage Rivers. Budget provided by Government is not enough so we all have to wait for it. Citizens can help clean rivers surfaces and ghats by not polluting them. Namami Gange is a good cause to save heritage places. We can contribute in this good venture by not throwing trash into river.

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