How does n95 mask work?

Using a mask has become a must-do duty for all in this pandemic situation of coronavirus. You may not depend on a mask completely to avoid this virus. The efficient use of the mask can keep you apart from the virus. You will find three types of masks in the market surgical mask, cloth mask, and N95 mask. US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has mentioned that an N95 mask can filter the airborne particles up to 95%. They also showed several reasons for this efficiency of this mask.

Let’s go through parts one by one

Build quality: An N95 mask is built with non-woven polypropylene fiber. This fiber makes the mask electrostatic. Due to this quality fiber, you get the mask with lightweight. 

Layers: You may see the three filters in the mask. The first portion of the mask is hard so that it can prevent the strong dirt in the air. Next, the other two layers are soft so that you can feel comfortable. The build quality of the mask enables you to keep on your face for a long time. 

Protection: By the name, you should get that it can protect you from the airborne particles up to 95%. If you want better protection, then you have to search for a 99% protective mask. However, this mask can prevent the spreading of coronavirus more efficiently than others can.   

Valve: Most of the N95 mask manufacturer companies add a valve in the mask. You may get the valve at the center of any side of the mask. This valve filters the air when you breathe. Then, it helps to pass away the air when you exhale. The valve ensures smooth breathing with potential filtration.   

Face cover: An N95 mask is designed to cover the nose and mouth properly. If you look at the edges of this mask, then you will see the soft and curved edges. These curved edges enable the mask to fit on your face properly. You must ensure that you have covered the edges properly. Otherwise, air may pass in your nose and mount through the edges of the mask.  

Uses: An N95 mask is ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. You can use it to go outside and wear it to look after the patient in the hospital. You can reuse the mask once you used it. Before reusing the mask, you must wash it with antiseptics. 

Precautions of using an N95 mask

To get the ultimate protection using an N95 mask, you must cover the edges on your face properly. You must not allow air to pass in through the edges. 

In the case of reuse, wash out the mask properly with necessary chemicals. Dry up the mask. Use heat for more safety. 

Try to buy an N95 mask with a valve. It will provide you smooth breathing while you inhale or exhale air.   

Don’t use this mask if the environment has oil in the air. N95 masks cannot filter oily air. 

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