My Journey of Performing Umrah with My Disabled Relative

It’s a wish of every Muslim to visit the House of Allah (SWT) either for Hajj or Umrah. Muslims all over the world try their best to execute one of them but only the lucky ones get this opportunity. Fortunately, I and my family members together with some relatives got this opportunity 1 year back. We all very excited and passionate about seeing the Ka’bah and Roza-e-Rasool (S.A.W) with our eyes. Perform is not a mandatory act like Hajj but still, it holds immense significance. Muslims who are financially and physically capable are allowed to perform this minor pilgrimage but this doesn’t mean that disabled persons cannot undertake it. No doubt Umrah requires a lot of physical effort but one must also be mentally strong to manage all the rituals in the crowd. If preparations are made, then a disabled person can perform Umrah easily as I experienced with my aunt. We all decided to perform Umrah together and have made some arrangements. Our travel operators were very efficient and have very well planned our journey. We choose 5-star Umrah packages for a convenient journey and our operators had also rightly prepared everything for my disabled aunt. Everyone especially my disabled aunt was very happy when our visas arrived. We started dreaming about what and how we will perform this minor pilgrimage. For disabled persons, it’s relatively difficult to carry out the rites but your enthusiasm and mental ability can help you accomplish it successfully. There are a lot of facilities accessible like wheelchairs and escalators for the disabled at both the airport and in airlines. When you arrive at Jeddah airport you can easily get these facilities but the buses do not have any such services so have to book your own vehicle for this. Our hotel was near Masjid Al-Haram and it was convenient for us to walk here and there. We bought a separate wheelchair for my aunt to take her easily with us. She was very happy that she is going to experience everything by herself.

We were all ready with our Ihram, firstly we move towards Masjid Al-Haram to have our first glimpse at Ka’bah and to make Dua. I was holding the wheelchair of my aunt and when we entered Haram we all were stunned by the mesmerizing beauty of Allah Almighty’s House. We were praying for Allah’s blessings and mercies. After that from the place of Hajr-e-Aswad, we started performing Tawaf and it was my duty to walk by holding the wheelchair but you can also hire a person to push it for you. It was such a great experience and I was quite happy to see my aunt undertaking Umrah which was her biggest dream. The next step after Tawaf is performing Nafl behind Maqam-e-Ibrahim. After this, we all moved together to perform Sa’i and for disabled persons, there is another option of electronic cart available on the top floor of Safa and Marwa. But we did not choose this option as it’s a bit expensive, you can choose it keeping in view your budget and convenience. Then after the successful completion of these, we prepared ourselves for the final step of cutting or shaving our heads. We went back to our hotels for some rest before Ziyarats. Hotels are generally equipped with all the facilities for disabled persons they have spacious lifts to take you to your room easily.

No doubt it was really hectic for us and my aunt as well to undertake this lesser pilgrimage. But we all accompanied her well while visiting Makkah and Madinah. We never let her feel down while visiting all the sacred places and she enjoyed every single thing with us. I strongly recommend you to get 5-star Umrah packages at affordable rates with the best travel agents. But still, there are many other bundles that give you safe travel, choose packages keeping in view your budget. Moreover, able or disabled every Muslim desire to perform Umrah or Hajj once in their lives. Islam is a flexible or simple religion. There are people who have finances but not the physical capacity to fulfill their religious obligations but they can do so by appointing someone else for this. But still, if a disabled person really wants to perform Umrah by themselves, then it’s the right thing to do, they will do so by ensuring necessary arrangements with their tour operators. In this advanced world, nothing is challenging but your will should be strong enough to implement what you desire. Islam is a precious religion and makes things easier for its believers. Performing Umrah for a disabled person is a little expensive and on other hand after all the facilities still there needs to be a person to take care of them.

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