Must-Have Airsoft Accessories and Attachments

Anyone who is serious about airsoft knows that there are some essential airsoft accessories and attachments that you just can’t do without. This will vary according to the needs and preferences of the player, but start with this guide, and if you find that you need other types of accessories or attachments, add them to your own list.

Some players who enjoy plinking and target shooting might not absolutely need some of these airsoft accessories, but at the same time, they can revolutionize your recreation. For competitive players, they can make the difference between a victory and a loss for the team.

Scopes, Sights, and Other Optics
One of the easiest and most practical ways to improve your accuracy and potentially even the handling of your airsoft gun is with the addition of optics. You can go as simple as you want and upgrade the iron sights or you can mount a rail and stock a red dot reflex sight or a scope on there. You will need to sight them in, but there’s often no quicker way to decrease your time to target acquisition and improve your accuracy than with well-matched sights or optics. At the same time, some choose to pair tactical lights with their optics to improve their performance in the dark, where some matches occur.

Spare Magazines – and Plenty of Airsoft BBs
Even if you have a high capacity magazine paired with your GBB or AEG, that thing is going to run dry after only a relatively short period of heavy fire. Make sure you prepare yourself not only with plenty of BBs but several loaded spare mags – and a place to hold them while you’re in the field.

A speedloader might just be the most important airsoft accessory. This cannot be stressed enough; it takes literally forever to load BBs by hand, and any who is so much as half-serious about competitive play can’t afford to waste time like that. Get a speedloader – get several. You will thank yourself later.

Batteries and Gas
It never hurts to keep some spare (charged) batteries and or gas on you in the field, especially if the competition will take more than a day. It doesn’t matter how many loaded mags and how many spare BBs you brought along if you don’t have the fuel to fire them.

Cleaning Kits 
While airsoft guns typically don’t require the same vigorous, attentive cleaning as real firearms, you can’t allow them to gum up or to accumulate dirt or dust, because over time these things will slowly ruin the airsoft gun. Make sure you are well prepared with cleaning kits and accessories.

This is only an introductory list, and as you become more familiar with your equipment and confident in the sport you will likely be adding some additional accessories of your own. Just keep tabs on these and remember that airsoft is personal; what works for one player may not work for another.

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