Move Over Traditional Advertising With PROMO International

Businesses are engaged in this constant loop of seeking out new customers and retaining existing patrons. By using advertising, they are able to achieve this balance and expand their operations. 

When advertising, a businessperson has to select the correct format in order to do justice to the many dollars they are spending in this endeavor. They can choose between the traditional medium or opt for digital advertising. However, the latter is preferred over the former as the world is quickly shifting to the Internet and smartphones.

This trend emerges from the many benefits digital marketing has to offer. For example, collating data and gauging the impact of a digital campaign is a breeze when compared to traditional advertising.

Well, traditional advertising mediums possess their own set of advantages. For instance, ads in newspapers, flyers, and radio are a great way to incite interest at a local level. Similarly, television-based advertising allows marketers to reach national audiences at prime time.

However, traditional advertising loses out to its digital sibling as it is very difficult to ascertain the success of the campaigns. Similarly, traditional advertising is very rigid and mostly one-sided communication. This makes it less interactive and engaging. Finally, this advertising medium is an expensive affair and not eco-friendly.

On the other hand, digital advertising is a preferred go-to medium for businesses of all sizes, big or small. This medium allows marketers to track metrics easily and understand customer behavior accurately. Additionally, advertisers can reach customers quickly and capture their interest in a number of formats, including images, videos, gifs, etc.

Understanding this change in customer preferences and advertiser requirements, PROMO International is launching a dedicated application for this ecosystem. PROMO’s innovation will help unlock a new level in digital advertising, thereby allowing marketers to reach their customers directly.

PROMO International’s application will support a variety of rich content formats. This means that advertisers will relay advertisements in high-definition to customers almost instantaneously.

Another highlight of the PROMO platform is the interoperability function. By integrating other technologies, such as Machine Learning and the Internet-of-Things, PROMO will help advertisers improve operations and enhance engagement.

PROMO International is committed to transforming the advertising sector by introducing these new innovations. In order to speed up the development of this platform, PROMO will be raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering. Here, the PROMO International Coin (PIC), an ERC-20 token, will be available for sale. This token also arrives with utility functions, allowing holders to enjoy a variety of benefits. You can participate in the PROMO ICO today and support the launch of the next big thing in advertising. Visit for more information.

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