Most fascinating tips to save money while you choose to buy online

Over the past few years, people have shown great interest in shopping online. They find it simple, steady, and wise to shop for several products from E-commerce websites. Sometimes these commercial websites provide discounts, offers, coupons codes, and many other deals to promote their online products. Though various companies use these digital tactics to catch the attention of the customers, their marketing strategies are obvious and simply meant for customer satisfaction. Any discount or promotional offers are savings for customers which can help you to save money. At present, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is quite important to find suitable ways to buy items without leaving home. So, let’s discuss some significant tips on how to save precious money from online shopping.

  • Reach out a reliable site 

From electronic devices to books and groceries, you can shop for anything from a popular e-commerce site. So, firstly browse and explore the topmost shopping sites in India. Today, several shopping portals are providing convenient order, home delivery, secure exchange, refund policy, and multiple payment options. You should seek out for the one that delivers premium-quality products at economical prices. Nowadays, Amazon sale have caught the attention of many Indian to save money.

  • Abandon shopping cart 

One of the promising ways to save money is to add the required products in the shopping cart and logout from the website. Shopping websites tend to offer exciting discounts to customers who abandoned the shopping cart. Just after a few days, you might receive a discount coupon via email or SMS to complete your online shopping order. However, you should note that this technique will work once or twice only.

  • Join a membership program 

Most of the popular shopping websites invite customers to join a membership program. Retailers often provide free delivery and lower prices as the top benefits to their members. For instance, if you become an Amazon Prime member, you will get exclusive discounts on eligible items, free and fast shipping, one free book every month, early access to Amazon sales events, and many other perks.

  • Discount on surplus buying 

Many e-commerce sites offer more discount if total purchase value crosses a specified limit. For example, an apparel website may offer a 20% extra discount if the total purchase value exceeds Rs 10,000. Here you should analyze carefully the cost-benefit and not just buy extra for a discount. If you have already done shopping for a sum near the limit, then only it is worth buying more. 

  • Set alerts for best price

Some online shopping sites allow you to set alerts for products with a targeted price. If the price drops to your specified rate, you will get a notification through email. Besides, you can also use third-party apps and browser extensions to track prices as they change over time. These price comparison websites allow you to compare prices of items across major shopping portals.

  • Festive season 

Whether online or offline, the best time to buy or get deep discounts is during the festival season. During festivals, online retailers are more willing to announce good discounts to promote their products and services.  When good discounts are announced during festive seasons, you should grab the opportunity and save some money.

  • ‘Subscribe and save’ program 

On popular shopping portals, you can save a good amount on every product you subscribe to. The subscribe and save feature is useful for something you order regularly, like diapers, pet food, or vitamins, etc. This option commonly appears on the shopping site and you just have to click on the button before adding the item into your cart. If you keep following the monthly subscription, you are more likely to make savings.

  • Credit card offers

Occasionally, you may also seek a chance for some percentage of discount if you pay your bills through a credit card. Thereby, you should hold a credit card of only that bank which has joined hands with the e-commerce player. Accordingly, you can purchase all that you seek and utilize the credit card offer at the time of payment.

  • Earn points

A few retail companies reward their customers with cash backs and reward points. The company automatically awards points in your account whenever you swipe your card or make cash payments. For example, you earn 1 point for every Rs 40 to 100 payment. Accordingly, you can redeem for the rewarded amount on your next purchase. In certain cases, credit card companies have consented with a retailer and you will earn extra points when you spend with your credit card in their stores.

  • Daily deals

Most of the well-established shopping websites in India offer daily shopping deals to enhance customer involvement. Using these flash sales, you can buy any product at an appealing discount. You can locate this option at the top of the e-store written as ‘Today’s Deals’, ‘Deal-of-the-day’, or ‘Today’s best deals’. Using the latest deals, you may even get the most popular products at factory prices.

Today, most of the e-commerce business models have partnerships with one or more banks during major online sales, for a credit card or debit card. The upfront discounts or cash-back, or even EMI offers are promotional tactics to gain market share and win the trust of their customers. In some cases, the marketing team of leading sites also runs special campaigns to give discounts to only new customers. Once you know how to seek out financial savings, privacy, and health benefits, you will always choose to shop online.

However, avoid the temptation to buy something just because there is a deal or offer on it. Many times online retailers may showcase low prices with a high shipping cost, which will not provide any cost advantage. So, make sure to discover hidden costs and verify the credibility of the e-store before you place your orders. For reference and favorable shopping experience, ask your friends and family which apps and retailers they use. The landscape of online shopping is always evolving, it’s better to seek out for reliable and latest information. Asking someone for an opinion can help you reach out to a promising site providing low prices.

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