5 Most Affordable Countries for Weight Loss Surgery!

Millions of people around the world are traveling abroad to access healthcare overseas for various treatments. Consequently, the medical travel industry is rapidly growing by 25% each year. There are several major reasons for this, such as:

⦁ To get low-cost medical care compared to their home country.
⦁ To access medical treatments that are not available in their home country.
⦁ To avoid long waiting times for healthcare.
⦁ Gain access to highly trained doctors and healthcare specialists.

There are select countries and regions that have gained popularity for high quality and affordable healthcare treatment, over the years. And there are some medical procedures that traveling patients commonly seek such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and weight loss surgery.

When it comes to bariatric and weight loss surgery, there are a lot of different surgical procedures to choose from, depending on your individual needs. Some of the most common procedures are Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass surgery.

In terms of traveling overseas, people who travel abroad for medical care can usually save anywhere from 60% to 80%. Plus, most of the leading medical tourism countries are filled with hundreds of accredited hospitals and clinics that are known for providing top-notch weight loss surgeries. These healthcare organizations make use of the latest state-of-the-art technology and digital solutions to provide high quality operations.

Here are Some of the Most Popular and Affordable Countries Around the World


When it comes to medical travel, Mexico is one of the most sought-after destinations, especially for Americans and Canadians. First off, in demand weight loss surgeries like Lap Band Surgeries are a lot cheaper than in the US. On average a Lap Band surgery in America would cost around $14,000 but the same Lap Band surgery in Mexico would cost around $6,500. It is because Mexico charges less for labor but provides high-quality procedures to ensure the safety of their patients.

South Korea

Thanks to the low-cost of healthcare treatment, over 1 million traveling patients are visiting South Korea each year for medical procedures. One reason for its prominence is because weight loss surgery is around half the amount, compared to the US. In America, a Gastric Bypass surgery costs around $20,000 but in South Korea the exact same surgery cost around $10,900.


If you are looking for the absolute cheapest prices for medical care, then India is the country. In India, a Lap Band Surgery will cost you around $7,300, compared to the $14,000 price you would pay in the United States. The cost of labor in India is cheap, so the cost for services are very inexpensive. There are several accredited and qualified medical surgeons in India.


Thailand is famous around the world and is arguably the most visited country for medical travel. Besides, it has been known as a great place to get weight loss surgery. This is a country where you can enjoy weight-loss operations like Gastric Sleeve surgery for around $9,900. This means you don’t have to drain your bank account to get a weight loss surgery. Thailand is known to have world class surgeons.


Another nice place to get weight loss surgery in Europe is Poland. One of the main reasons is that the surgeons here are very skilled yet affordable. The cost of a weight loss treatment such as a Gastric Sleeve surgery is around $9,400 which is half of the price you would pay in the US.

Written by Gilliam Elliott of Make Medical Trip
Email Address: Info@MakeMedicalTrip.com

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