Mosaic and Terracotta tiles to decor house

Today it has received a new life so Mosaic is one of the oldest interior decorations. Mosaic & Terracotta tiles to decor house widely applicable. decor. Thanks to modern ceramic and porcelain tiles for home decor

Mosaic Tiles for Home Applications

manufacturers, the laying of panels has become simple and affordable for any event. Small tiles typically sell in rolls. They are glued upside down to a paper or fabric support. During the installation process, we can apply glue to the Digital Wall Tiles and then the “carpet” attache to a clean concrete surface. Afterward, the paper can easily remove with a damp sponge.

In addition, mosaics have other advantages. One of the main ones is its impeccable resistance characteristics. This material is resistant to extreme temperatures (from minus thirty to plus one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius). Therefore, it is no coincidence that mosaic panels often use to decorate outdoor swimming pools.

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The advantages of this product can attribut to its high reliability and durability. The useful life of mosaics is more than fifty years. Of course, we are talking about high-quality products.

Also, a mosaic panel is always a flawless aesthetic. Looks organic in any home. Whether you’re planning to build a brick cottage or build houses from a bar, budget in advance for the purchase of glass tile to finish future real estate.

The advantages of mosaic also include the tile’s high moisture absorption, as well as its resistance to chemical attack. Also, due to their small shapes, these tiles can use to decorate structures with curved shapes.

The imagination and the diversity of species of the mosaics amaze. It can be matte, glossy, with a wavy surface, and in various colors.

Terracotta Tiles for Home Decor Applications

Terracotta tiles have always attracted attention for their originality and unique beauty. It has a long application and uses for interior decoration, facade decoration, as well as for fireplaces and stoves. Terracotta tile, digital flooring tiles oven lining is possible due to the high-temperature resistance of this type of tile. The tile heats up slowly and cools down just as slowly, which is why it is often used as a heated floor covering.

Terracotta tiles, the price of which is calculated taking into account certain factors (texture, durability, etc.), are manufactured based on special grades of kaolin clays exclusively from natural materials, which makes it possible to call them ecological. After firing the tiles, the clay acquires a characteristic texture. The color of the tiles can vary from cream to reddish-brown and even black, depending on the cooking time and how they were made.

A distinctive feature of terracotta tiles is that it is impossible to find two identical tiles among the terracotta tiles of the same batch. The shape of the tile, its size, and thickness can be very different, depending on the idea of ​​the designer. The most common terracotta tiles’ available in square or rectangular. But today, octagon-shaped terracotta oven tiles no longer a rarity. So Mosaic & Terracotta tiles to decor house article really beneficial to decor the floor.

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