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India has a very competitive environment and this has given rise to those who use unfair means to get an advantage over others in examinations. It is not always possible to make sure that recruitment and entrance examinations can be held by administrations in certain regions, due to security or related reasons, and may need some external help. It is not just the problems of security-related situations, but also the inconveniences faced by some students. There are also situations in managing exams for many candidates over a certain period, which can be a hassle. But what kind of solution could ease these problems for the administrations? This is where a Test Delivery Provider company comes in to provide their services. These companies provide services that manage and accompany offline and online examinations.

There are two types of test delivery providing companies. One of them is an offline assessment company. These companies usually organize and hold paper-based tests where students physically appear for the exam. The companies take responsibility for their test centers as well as organizing and managing the exams. They also take care of the security necessities in the test centers to keep the exams safe and fair.

The other type of assessment is provided by an online assessment company. Such a company provides services where students can attend exams from a physical location but on a computer, or from their convenience of place and time.

There are of course test delivery providers that offer both modes of assessments, like Vensysco which is India’s leading test delivery providing company. Such companies also offer other services like human resource development, software solutions, and IT & IT-enabled service.

Most important exams are held offline throughout a year within this competitive atmosphere, so offline assessment in India must be handled with extreme care. The usual problem that can affect a paper-based exam is cheating. There have even been cases where others impersonate students and participate in exams to provide an unfair advantage. To make sure that everyone participates in these exams fairly, the security used regarding this should be the finest. Even test centers and assessment systems should be changed by these services, so not only do the universities and agencies not have to be concerned with the management but also that makes it unpredictable for people partaking in cheating to plan these things from before.

All the way from online registrations to delivery of marks, offline assessment can be handled systematically. It is fortunate that such services avail students to register online and use the most secure means to pay as well to streamline the process. To make sure there isn’t any breach in security regarding invigilators and other organization-provided personnel, manpower is also usually provided, like examination supervisors and controllers and security personnel. For security solutions, biometric devices are used to make sure the students are who they present themselves to be. These biometric devices can read iris, face or fingerprints to identify the candidate. There are also CCTV cameras and flying squads to make sure nothing disagreeable happens in the examination hall.

An online assessment management company, on the other hand, works a bit differently. The method of holding exams online takes away a lot of hassle that would be faced in handling a paper-based test. Online mode of assessment is also more secure than paper-based tests. Usually, two forms of assessment are provided, a computer-based test, and an internet-based test. These modes both use the internet but have different applications.

One type of online assessment that test delivery services provide is the internet-based test. It does not require students to travel to a location in a scheduled time and date. They can attend this from their time and location of convenience. The test providing service handles the registration. An online portal for examination is provided where after registration, a student can log in with a given user id and then attend the exam. The exam page also shows the student how much time is left until the exam is over.

The computer-based test, however, is held in a physical location where students must appear, even though the actual examination takes place online. Registration is taken care of as part of the process. Students are checked with biometric scanners for authentication and High-tech CCTVs are installed for a tight vigilance and acts as a deterrence for cheaters. Even seating arrangements are methodically planned so students don’t have access to foreign objects or other people in the exam hall. Also, care is taken to stop malpractices like leaked question papers by setting random question sets for students. Not only that, but the best of invigilators from all of India are hired for the examinations. These changes are necessary to make sure that by no means can any person or party affect exams in an unfair way.

Whether it is for administrative, technical, or welfare services, an examination decides if someone is fit to get the role they are applying for. This makes exams a necessity for society to function smoothly. To make sure of that, holding a fair examination should be a priority. Test delivery services are not just providing means and conveniences for students to compete in exams but are also making sure that these exams are held with fairness and security in mind. They also provide conveniences for administrations and recruiters by taking over the job of managing such exams. Such services and their methods are necessary to tackle modern problems related to examinations.

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