Methods To Control Dust Inside Your Warehouse

If you’re a warehouse owner, then you must know that dust build-up is indeed very common inside closed spaces. It should be realised that small amounts of dust will pose no threat to a human being. But, if there’s any lack of maintenance schedules, then the dust build-up could be highly dangerous in the long-run. 

To help you maintain safety & health protocols inside your warehouse and for your employees, we are sharing some essential recommendations that you should be following to combat the accumulation of dust. 

The Various Dangers Of Dust Inside Your Warehouse

1. Negative Impact On Employees

Dust can easily pose a severe health risk for your warehouse workers. By regularly getting exposure to dust can lead to irritation of the eyes, skin, ears, nose and other respiratory organs. Moreover, allergies are also prevalent when getting exposure to dust over a long period. 

So, when your employees spend a considerable amount of time within such circumstances on a per-day basis, they are bound to be affected by long-term illnesses. Some of the diseases that your employees can face are silicosis – which is a deadly lung disease. 

2. Negative Impact On Equipment

In case enough, dust starts to build-up on your warehouse equipment, the pieces of affected equipment will start working less efficiently. As a result, the overall maintenance costs will increase over time. Furthermore, you’ll be facing losses because dust accumulation can clog air filters and damage other machine parts – which you’ll need to replace timely. 

The Various Ways To Control Dust

1.Consider Regular Cleaning & Check-Up

You should have a dust cleaning and check-up schedule on a per-day or week basis, which will help in keeping most surfaces clean inside the warehouse. You also may need special detergents to clean your warehouse equipment – which you should perform without delays. 

Proceed to choose microfibre cloth for cleaning and promote the habit of keeping everything inside of your warehouse tip-top among your employees. In that way, you can be sure that no part of your warehouse will remain untouched over an extended period. 

2. Prevent The Entry Of Dust

This is the first obvious step you need to take if you want to control the amount of dust that enters your warehouse. Doing so will prove to be fewer headaches for you later on. You can simply use high-speed doors, freezer curtains, warehouse strip doors and the likes to prevent the entry of dust. 

3. Improve The Ventilation Inside The Warehouse

By controlling the ventilation of your warehouse, you’ll be able to control the entry & exit of dust particles. You can proceed to use extractor fans, which will pull all the suspended dust particles in the air towards themselves – thereby cleaning the warehouse indoor air quality. There will be a collection bag collecting all the sucked-in dust through the fan. 

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