Choose the Meilleur chirurgien plastique

Cosmetic surgery is the new trend that has developed recently. Customers often choose to switch their outward appearance with desired expectations. There are several surgeons who offer proper assurance of proving exact satisfaction for customers.

However, you need to select the best. Dr Doumit is the Meilleur chirurgien plastique. He has been working as a professional plastic surgeon since a long period of time with Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

On a wider note, he often also works as august lecturer at United States for certain reconstructive surgeries. There are several books that he has stored in the past.

Some of the essential topics that he has been working with for a long period of time includes facial implants, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and body contouring.

Customers and patients from around the world, make it a point to visit Dr Doumit to get the exact thing that they need. 

Know the details about our work 

State of art cosmetic surgery 

Dr Doumit has been rewarded with the title of Meilleur chirurgien plastiqu because of his effective belief and professionalism in work. He makes it a point to care and treat his patients in a basic compassionate way.

There are several failed cases which have been successful under the proper analysis of Dr Doumit. In the entire Canada, he is the first person who has successfully performed and worked on two faced transplants.

Curative surgery and the use of endoscope has been first used and performed by him in the entire fraternity of cosmetic specialists. In every surgery that he does, it has been successful.

One thing that many patients make it a point to consider before booking their dates with cosmetic surgeons are the certifications that they have. In the case of Dr Doumit, he has been a certified professional from the Royal college of physicians Canada and has a proper certificate for that as well.

Thereby, there are no trust issues that his customers or patients have to go through while booking for their details. 


Once you visit the clinic, you will be assured of the quality that is being maintained over here. Some of the additional features that the clinic provides are listed as follows. Take a look at these to get a clear idea. 

Air exchange 

A daily measure of 20 air exchanges is regularly operating in the clinic on a daily basis per hour. These air exchanges work as a basic fact to make it a pint that the air is thoroughly purified.

In the current condition of the pandemic situation, it is essential that the air everyone is breathing is pure. The use of these exchanges and ventilations have proven to be one of the basic abilities to provide better help to the customers. A definite measure is taken to maintain the safety for all patients in the clinic. 

High technology 

Each of the system used at the clinic are of high processed and effective. A definite measure has been taken by the staff to maintain proper medical protocols and sterilization procedures.

It provides to be one of the best of all times in the current standards. There are several standards set by CSA, AORN and AGES. The clinic makes sure that each of these standards are properly maintained and valued.

CCPEM, clinic of Dr Doumit, also received the highest accreditation from Canada in 2017. This proves the fact that the clinic is one of its kind in the current market. 

Cosmetic surgery helps 

The Meilleur chirurgien plastique uses technologies that are the best in the market. The world class technologies are used to provide the best help to the customers and patients from the world. To treat the issues of facial aging, pro facial lasers are being used.

Often patients complain about the excess amount of face fat that they have. These are properly associated with the help of cool sculpting and loose skin process at the clinic.

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