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Whether you’re studying abroad or went for a vacation, chances of falling severely or some accident cannot be denied completely. That is when medical repatriation services plays a crucial role. However, deciding the right medical repatriation option at the time of crisis is challenging. Aeromed’s medical repatriation services can help you or your loved one escort from a forign land in such a time of crisis.

 Benefits of aeromed’s medical repatriation

 At Aeromed, we offer medical repatriation by air to get you safely back to India. Medical repatriation through air ambulances has numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows

  • Aeromed is a trusted brand and is leading the air ambulance service industry for more than ten years
  • Knowledgeable and highly qualified paramedics stuff.
  • We take care of the documentary part required from travel such as Visa, government permission, etc
  • Aeromed’s Delhi team has a 24*7 customer service team to answer your questions. 
  • Our medical repatriation flights are fully equipped with advanced medical equipment to handle all emergencies.
  • Aeromed has bases located in India, UAE, USA, UK, and Australia. It helps us in providing medivac/medevac transportation worldwide. 

 At Aeromed, it is possible to arrange medical repatriation at extremely short notice. We also have the flexibility of being able to fly into small airports that large commercial aircrafts can’t access, meaning they are ideal for evacuating from small islands and remote locations.

Few factors which influences the cost of Air Ambulance in Delhi

The cost of air ambulance service in India depends on several factors. Some of them are :

Travel Distance– Just like a commercial airplane, the distance plays an important role in determining the air ambulance cost. The longer the length, the higher will be the cost.

  • The number of medical professionals onboard – The number of medical professionals accompanying the patient has a direct relationship with the cost of air ambulance service in India. The more the number of people, the higher will be the air ambulance cost in India.

 Why does Aeromed’s air ambulance service have a competitive advantage?

Since the date of the establishment, we commit to providing ambulance services to the patients at the time of need. We offer an extensive range of vehicles to provide a full transport system in the case of an emergency. The corporation maintains a vast number of cars offering comprehensive means of transport in the case of an emergency. Team members’ professionalism, including expert drivers and a qualified team of medical practitioners, makes us a giant leader in ambulance and mortuary services. Aeromed provides the air ambulance in Delhi and is preferred by many patients worldwide. Our other services are Air ambulance services, Train ambulance service, organ transport transplant, neonatal air ambulance service, Commercial stretcher service, etc.

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