Medical Attendant: Patient’s friendly companion

The medical attendant helps a patient perform his routine tasks like intake of food and medicine, moving around, backing them in taking care of important duties, and including keeping the room tidy. Similarly, when a patient suffers or facing any health-related issues in the family then it is quite obvious that the entire family is affected. In that situation homecare is supposed to be the best medicine for a patient, home patient attendants can be hired to provide healthcare service at home. These home care medical attendants are also called Nursing Assistants. The nursing attendant at home can also be hired to keep an eye on a patient’s health thoroughly.

Home patient attendant Services is a wise choice for the patients with an illness, disorder, breakdown, or an elderly age as it makes other family members worry-free and placid. Appointing a medically trained and skilled Patient care attendant would deliver perfect care and caution to the patient, as they required taken care of a lot of sincerity and environment.

Why choose Credihealth’s home care attendant Service – Credihealth supports the modern healthcare system, where medical care becomes easily accessible to everyone. Credihealth provides high- quality Attendant care service, where the advantage is multiplied and effectiveness is confirmed. Their homecare attended services to aid the quality of proficient management and care for elderly care, patient care, baby care. Credi health provides nursing Attendants are trained well, safeguard the second level of care, As there is no compromising in the critical nursing procedure followed by them at an effective cost.

Their home attendant service is a moderately affordable option, where assisting a patient becomes very easy for the whole family and the patient as well. As the home attendants are professional caregivers and responsible for the patient’s health where patients feel more comfortable with them.

Credihealth medical attendant for home tasks includes – A Medical attendant from Credihealth ensures more than just basic care, which includes patient’s day-to-day work including the physical, mental, and social activities. It includes personal hygiene, mobilization, bathing, feeding, or involving patients in some activities for mental care, caregivers help them with everything.

Although attendant for the patient do various job & tasks suggested by a doctor or as per patient’s requirements, their few general responsibilities may include –  

  • Oral Hygiene and Bed Bath/Sponge Bath
  • Cleanliness of patient’s room
  • Escalation during an emergency
  • Feeding and bathroom assistance
  • Assist with walking and home exercise when required
  • Turn position in bed for bedridden
  • Companionship and polite conversations

Credihealth offers the fastest services where an individual can book an attendant for the same day assistance. 

Easy Booking with Credihealth –  To book attendant care services with Credihealth you need to fill all required necessary information on the website, you will receive a confirmation call from credihealth’s homecare expert team who will arrange you medical attendance as per your health- care needs of your loved ones. Not only this you can also reach out to Credihealth for any healthcare needs or meet any emergencies in medical care. Besides, you can request a variety of support along with the attendant at your home including doctor visits, nursing visits, physio visits, medical equipment, and lab tests with credihealth.

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