McAfee Antivirus Great Protection Review 2020

McAfee had a basic antivirus called Mcafee Antivirus 1 PC Cheap. McAfee stopped supporting and developing this core program and instead focused on the flagship program, McAfee Total Protection, which it offers today as the best solution, whatever your security needs. .

McAfee Total Protection What works

McAfee Total Protection works perfectly in my own tests and other protection lab tests. Examines how well antivirus programs detect and block malware, including new threats that have not been identified and categorized in any malware database, and how they work, how many resources a program uses, and how long it takes to delay both during installation and during execution.

In addition to excellent protection, McAfee offers a wide variety of features and functionality not found in basic antivirus programs. There is also a vulnerability scanner that looks for weaknesses in your system that may be vulnerable to hackers or certain ransomware programs. This includes outdated software and weak passwords. McAfee is also looking for ways to clean old cache files and remove unused programs to get your computer running fast.

McAfee has great features for safe browsing through the browser extension. When you enter a URL or follow a link embedded in content, for example in an email, McAfee displays a warning message before accessing the website and warns you of any malicious links or downloads on the website. website.

The McAfee home network monitoring tool monitors all information that enters and leaves your Internet connection. Any device with a browser connected to your network is monitored for hackers and suspicious attempts are blocked. If you or a child accidentally clicks on a malicious link, McAfee detects corrupted files and stops them very quickly before they can be fully downloaded.

Personally, I love McAfee’s parental controls. It has several predefined category filters that, if selected, will prevent your child from viewing websites that fall under that category. One cool feature of the McAfee Safe Family program is the ability to allow your child to visit websites for research or school-related tasks while blocking other websites on the same topic.

McAfee Total Protection What to look for

With all the benefits McAfee brings you, there are two great services with a catch. McAfee has a VPN. This provides you with a secure browser that cookies and other trackers cannot use to keep track of your online history. It gives your computer a different IP address each time it connects, so the activity cannot be traced to you and your device. Another great advantage of using a VPN on the Internet is that adware cannot control what you are looking for, what you are online or the websites you are visiting, so it does not. you won’t get boring ads about the products you choose. interested use.

McAfee Total Protection Should I Buy It?

McAfee Total Protection is a powerful program that stops malicious files before they can be downloaded to your device. Additional security tools, such as home network monitoring, file encryption, and secure browsing features, provide additional protection against keyloggers, hackers, and ransomware. McAfee Total Protection is one of the best antivirus software solutions for computers and mobile devices. The number of tools included in your subscription depends on the plan you choose. However, all the tools provide you with excellent anti-malware protection, scans to optimize vulnerability and performance, and safe browsing tools.

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