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In this era, where medical science is progressing quickly, its costs are also rising. Our government is trying to upgrade the infrastructure for cancer treatment and make it affordable by expanding the network of leading Cancer hospitals in India. 

As proposed by Tata Memorial Centre, the “Hubs and Spoke” model aims to provide better and affordable cancer care facilities. According to this model, familiar and less complicated cancer care facilities should be provided close to the patients’ homes (spoke) to create minimum disruption in their lives and their families.

The treatment of uncommon cancers and those with complex treatment protocols can be provided by the expert centers of excellence (hubs).

Max Hospitals is one of India’s leading cancer hospitals, providing affordable and high-end cancer care and treatment. 

Costs associated with cancer

The cost associated with cancer care treatment includes medical and non-medical and public-private differences. Ninety percent of the total cancer care expenses are related to medical care, which provides for payments to doctors’ consultancy, medicines, diagnostic tests, bed charges, and other medical services like blood transfusions and oxygen supplementation.

The next 10 percent is on non-medical expenses, which includes transportation, food, and transport.

There are effective ways to make cancer treatment affordable through various approaches. Various factors contribute to the cost of cancer care. Your cancer care expenses depend on the following factors:

  • The type of cancer treatment received
  • The length of treatment
  • The location of treatment
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Whether you have supplemental insurance

The following costs could be considered to reduce the overall cost of treatment for patients:

Doctor appointments: This includes payments for each doctor visit. Typically, your insurance provider asks you to make a co-payment. You are also required to pay for tests done during your appointment, for example, laboratory tests, such as blood tests and urine tests.

Cancer treatment: This includes payments for the care you receive during your cancer treatment, for instance, every radiation therapy session or chemotherapy.

The period of treatment varies for different people: Ask how often and how long you may have to incur these costs.

Medication: This includes expenses related to drugs and other medicines prescribed during your treatment period. For example, chemotherapy or cancer drugs to help control side effects.

Transportation and travel: This depends on where you are receiving treatment and how you reach there. Some patients choose to receive treatment far from home. In this case, you may need to pay for accommodation.

At-home care: This includes extra care a person with cancer requires at a later stage, and maybe for the long term. 


Affordable cancer treatment is based on various costs associated with it. The costs mainly involve hospitalization expenses, the expense of medical imaging, and the cost of cancer drugs.

At Max hospitals, there is a commitment to provide world-class patient care through medical and service excellence at the most cost-effective and affordable rates.

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