Marketing Approach for LinkedIn: How to Market on LinkedIn!

Whether you’re a company owner, a CXO, a freelancer, an entry-level worker, or a student – LinkedIn offers a surplus of opportunities for you – no matter what step of your career you may be in. With over 760 million enrolled members from 150 countries, you can’t manage to ignore this platform.

What is Linkedin Marketing?

According to a study accompanied by LinkedIn, 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most efficient lead generation platform. A report by Inside View goes on to recommend that LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B businesses than Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging.

This won’t be feasible without LinkedIn marketing.

So what specifically is LinkedIn marketing? 

This goal can be anything:

Tips to optimize your Linkedin for Business Marketing

If you don’t understand how to do LinkedIn marketing, we are here to help out. Read on to learn the most useful tips you can follow to use LinkedIn for business marketing:

Tip 1: Create a company profile page

One of the greatest things you should do is create a company page. Luckily, creating a company page is amazingly easy. 

  • Click on the work icon toward the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page.
  • Click on the ‘create a company page’ plus choose an option from the drop-down list. LinkedIn will bestow you four option, namely:
    • Small business
    • Medium to large business
    • Exhibition Page
    • Educational Institution
  • Select a possibility that best describes what your company is about.
  • After you do this, choose out basic information such as page identity, company, plus profile details.
  • Make sure that you have an approved business email and an actual company. Without this, LinkedIn will not permit you to open your business profile on its platform.
  • After accurately filling out your information, check the verification box. Doing this will verify that you are allowed to operate the account on side of your business.
  • Once you check the box, click on each creates a button. After you click on that button, your business account or company page will be properly created. So congratulations!
  • Once your company is created, choose the ‘start building your page’ option to customize your business information. 

Tip 2: Define your audience and goals

Now that you have set up your business page on LinkedIn, you require to define your target audience plus your business goals. As yourself these questions:

What do you require to achieve from LinkedIn?

What type of audience will you help from?

Once you have clear-cut answers to those questions, your work is half done. All you have to do immediately is focus your attention on making a strategy that goes and turns Linkedin into a money minting machine!

Tip 3: Write specific profile information and update it regularly

To get the most of LinkedIn, having an appearance on the platform is not enough. You require to do more.

Updating inaccurate profile information is a basic mistake that most people tend to make. You cannot manage to make this mistake if you’re serious about leveraging this program to further your business goals plus use it as a useful tool for business marketing.

Tip 4: URL of your LinkedIn Page

All profile also company pages on LinkedIn comes with a conventional URL that looks a wee bit like this:

Your job here is to provide your pages a distinct identity of their own. You can achieve this by personalizing your personal also company profile URL.

Now that you know everything your URL should roughly look like, here are some measures to make this happen:

  • Step 1: Click the Me icon at the head of your LinkedIn homepage
  • Step 2: Click View Profile.
  • Step 3: Click Edit public profile And URL in the right rail.
  • Step 4: Click on the Edit your custom URL in the best rail
  • Step 5: Type your new custom URL in the text box plus click on Save

Tip 5: Update LinkedIn Images

It has been truly said that images are more impactful than words. They capture audience views and communicate information faster than either textual information.

As such, images are an indispensable means to communicate your identity on LinkedIn.

For Personal Profile: Choose a mugshot image like you with a light background. Pick a picture where you’re smiling as it will present you look approachable & encourage people to stretch out. Pick a banner image that tells people what you do. If you’re a business owner, drafting a list of your top skills beside logos of the businesses you may have collaborated with.

For Company Profile: When it comes to updating your business profile images, things are rather straightforward. Use your logo as the company’s profile image. Make a banner that sells your brand and succinctly explains what your business is all about.


In this blog, we have explained to you how to use LinkedIn for business marketing by highlighting actionable tips that you can follow and complete in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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