Managing the Costs of Rubbish Removal Services

Ever needed junk removal and wondered why it seems to cost so much? You’re not alone, a 2020 study of Sydney residents found that a whopping 58% of residents were shocked by the costs associated with Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches of Sydney.

So, why does the service cost so much and what are you actually paying for as a consumer? We have consulted with one of the leading companies in Sydney to find out why the cost of rubbish removal can seem so expensive and what users are really paying for when it comes to removing waste from their property.

Location Matters

Depending on where you live, the price of rubbish removal services can vary massively. For residents who live outside of major metropolitan areas, you must consider that the junk that is removed may not be disposed of locally and may indeed need to be carted around the country to the appropriate disposal point.

A recent study found that the cost of rubbish removal services across New South Wales can vary by as much as 207% depending on where you are located. For residences that are located centrally or close to a rubbish disposal point, the cost of disposal is generally much cheaper. Conversely, for residences that are located in remote and hard to reach areas, the cost can be much higher.

How to Reduce the Cost

While the cost of rubbish removal can seem quite expensive, there are several things that you can do to reduce the cost and ensure that you are not paying more than what you need to pay for removal services. Here are a few simple tips to help keep costs down:

Stay on top of your rubbish – don’t let it build up over time, dispose gradually as you go

Sell or give away unwanted possessions – gumtree and eBay are a great way to declutter and can even result in a handy profit.

Keep an eye out for free city removals – once per year, your local council will have a free pickup. Plan your disposal to coincide with this so as to reduce your cost.

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