Make Your Trip to Osaka More Enjoyable with Emirates Airline Tickets

Osaka is famous for its beautiful landscapes, nightlife, and delicious street food. You can enjoy all of it by taking the Cheap flight booking airline tickets of your choice. Imagine getting all the good things in one place, right? Well, the fun does not end here, because in Osaka there are exciting places to visit that you will fall in love with even more. These places will take you on a journey into the history and culture of the city and will astound you. So, if you’re planning a visit to Japan, read in detail about these places here.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, completed in 1586 in just three years, was built on the order of the famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was then the largest castle in Japan. Almost all Hideyoshi military commanders were required to bring a stone for its construction. The largest of which was Higo-ishi stone, near the southern entrance, almost six meters high, 14.5 meters long. It is brought by the famous general Kato Kiyomas from the island of Shodo.

After the defeat of Hideyoshi in 1615, the castle was destroyed, but for prestigious reasons. It was rebuilt by the Tokugawa shogun. The most important is the five-story, 42-meter central tower with a large museum with exhibits related to the history of the castle and city. Emirates Airline tickets are one of the best ways to reach Osaka with reasonable prices and luxurious experience.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Looking a bit like giant Lego bricks, it’s worth visiting the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka. One of the biggest such attractions in the world, this walking aquarium, takes guests on a fascinating tour of many marine habitats, including the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica, as well as the Great Barrier Reef and Monterey Bay.

The diversity of Japanese marine life, including freshwater species as well as native reptiles and mammals, was also presented. In summary, the site has 27 tanks, the largest of which is nine meters deep and can accommodate abundant marine life, including manta rays and sharks.

Must Not Skip Universal Cinema Japan Whenever You Take Your Airline Tickets

Universal Studios Japan is an amusement park with a collection of amenities and rides based on famous Hollywood movies. In recent years, it has expanded to include some of the top-rated Japanese entertainment. Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and even Godzilla have until now been part of their individual composition.

Popular permanent attractions are Jaws, Jurassic Park: The Ride, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the Minion Park. Universal Studios Japan also organizes seasonal events such as “Universal Surprise Halloween.”

Shitennō-Ji Temple

The most famous Osaka temple, Shitennō-Ji, can be traced back to AD 59 and was the first Buddhist temple in Japan. Although it was rebuilt many times over the centuries and the last reconstruction took place in the 1960s, this charming temple remains the oldest place of religious worship to be officially administered.

The most essential tours include the five-story pagoda of this place and many other beautifully decorated buildings, including the Golden Pavilion with its beautiful statues and paintings, Auction, and a beautiful covered corridor connecting the three gates of the site.
Other notable buildings in the complex include a teaching area, a pharmacy and a hospital, as well as a pleasant garden.

Osaka Science Museum

Not unlike the bridge of a large ship – a fact that can be attributed to its location on the water – The Osaka Science Museum is a beautiful trip for those traveling with children. Opened in 1989 over the National Museum of Art, the museum contains numerous practical and interactive exhibits based on many scientific topics covering everything from astronomy to energy sources.

It is also worth visiting the International Peace Center in Osaka, a museum devoted, as the name implies, to issues of peace. The most important of them are sobered-up shows related to the destruction of the war, as well as a replica of the famous Doom Clock. If you like science and the relics of the past, then take Emirates Airlines tickets to Osaka and visit Osaka Science Museum because this place is for you.

DotonboriThis place is best known for large billboards that are displayed in rows. From the Glico confectionery signboard, with the runner raised with both hands to the sizeable movable crab, the design of these signs is really unique. The district looks even more impressive when it is illuminated at night.

A shopping street about 580 meters long connecting Shinsaibashi with Dotonbori is lined with restaurants and clothing stores. This street is full of people every day and contains all the charms of Osaka in one place. On this street, many restaurants are offering local dishes from Osaka. Pub crawling and guided tours are other options for people who want to experience the nightlife in Osaka.

Nakanoshima Park

Located near Umeda – Osaka’s a busy business district – this beautiful stretch of greenery that divides two rivers and is home to the first public park in the city. Established in 1891, Nakanoshima Park has become an escape for the city’s residents, offering a rose garden with over 300 varieties of flowers and magnificent views of the neighboring rivers. The city oasis also has a beer garden and is a popular meeting place for yoga, dance exercises, and picnics.

Taking airline tickets to Osaka and visiting all of the best places with fun and enjoyments, visit Nakanoshima Park for a peaceful and relaxing time.


After reading about these fantastic places, located in the beautiful city of Osaka, you must be surprised. They offer not only a fantastic experience but also an insight into the city’s past. So, if you’re impressed, plan a trip to Japan and discover the city!

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