Make Your Store Stand Out With Shopify SEO Services

Do you feel as though your online store is drowned out by the competition? It’s clear that it’s becoming more difficult to rank on page one in Google, which means that only a handful of businesses are getting a steady stream of valuable traffic. If you want to stand out and reach page one, you have to take the appropriate steps in order to get there.

Shopify SEO services may be necessary in order to really push your store onto the first page for your most important keywords. You need to invest in your digital presence if you want to make a name for yourself in your industry. These days, there aren’t any “easy rides” when it comes to standing out, whether you are in eCommerce or any kind of service industry. Even ordinary informational blogs can be extremely competitive.

Understanding How Google Ranks Shopify Stores
Even if you believe that you are selling quality products or that your website looks professional, that won’t necessarily be enough to get you on page one. This is because Google now pays more attention to user experience rather than how flashy a website looks or how many keywords happen to be on a particular page. Your store has to not only look the part, but address all of the concerns of your customers as well.

You might be wondering how Google even takes these kinds of things into consideration when analyzing or crawling your Shopify store, but the reality is that the Google algorithm has become incredibly sophisticated. Google now tracks an array of different user behaviors, including how long someone stays on certain pages, what they click on, and how quickly it takes for them to find what they are looking for or take a specific action. Google can even tell when a sale is made after a user clicks onto your website from one of Google’s search results.

This means that a shoddy website is simply not going to get the kind of traction you need in order to rank on page one. You need to optimize your website for the search engines with the help of an actual SEO agency. Even if you think you know a little bit about SEO and what it takes to rank, the “rules of the game” change every month, which is forcing professionals to have to adapt and learn how to make Google happy.

Unless you are an SEO technical wizard and you have a load of free time on your hands, chances are you simply aren’t going to be able to rank your website yourself. Sure you might get lucky from time to time and a few of your keywords might rank decent enough, but if you really want to make inroads against your competitors and dominate your industry in the SERPs, the smart choice would be to look for professional Shopify SEO services for your website.

The Only Shopify Agency You Need
If you are serious about improving your online business, you need to invest in your SEO. If your store is on Shopify and you want to rank higher in Google, Genius eCommerce is the team you need in your corner.

Genius eCommerce® is a Shopify SEO agency that understands exactly what the search engines are looking for and can help you build your business properly. With expert optimizations and comprehensive SEO strategies that get results, Genius eCommerce® can transform your Shopify store and help it stand out even in a tough niche. Get in touch with them today if you want real results for your online store.

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