Make the Switch to LED Chandelier Light Bulbs

More and more people are looking for better solutions in lighting, and not only because they think that better bulbs can save them money. There’s a lot more that goes into the process than that. Take, for example, the rising popularity of LED lights, and not just for home lighting. Industrial parks, retail locations, public gathering places, and private homes can all reap the benefits of enhanced lighting in the form of LED bulbs. For example, if your home has chandelier lighting, you can save in a lot of ways if you make the switch to using LED chandelier light bulbs.

Traditional incandescent bulbs for chandelier lighting have short lifespans, burn very hot and also burn out unexpectedly. No one is really sweating over the low cost of a couple of replacement bulbs, but the fact that they all burn out unexpectedly is just a gigantic pain. In the first place, it is an eyesore to be looking at a chandelier that has a few odd lights burnt out of it, and in the second, some of those chandeliers are just way too hard to access. It can be a whole day’s operation getting up on a ladder or lowering the chandelier so you can replace the bulbs that are burnt out. Sometimes, even once you’ve done that, a few days later you have other ones burnt out too.

LED chandelier light bulbs present you with a solution to this nagging problem and bring along a lot of other benefits in the mix. They do get old and need to be replaced – eventually – but they also last so much longer than incandescent bulbs. Candelabra LED bulbs can last 25,000 hours or longer – some might even last up to 50,000 hours, so when you do need to replace one, you can do them all at once and be done with it for a long time.

In addition to the fact that they last for a really long time, you can consider the fact that LED light bulbs are extremely energy-efficient, using only a small fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs, by comparison. Some estimates suggest that homeowners can pay off the cost of replacement of the average domestic incandescent bulbs in less than a year of use, and then the savings will continue. Then there’s the fact that LED bulbs create almost no heat, and so they can even help keep your air conditioning bills down in the summer months.

If you need any additional reasoning, keep in mind that the light output and color temperature afforded by many LEDs is comparable or even superior to incandescent equivalents, so there shouldn’t be any hang-ups to hold you back.

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