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To save money in terms of packaging, most companies seek to achieve this by reviewing all the possibilities. Some solutions are complex, while others are almost childishly simple. Modify your materials, lighten your design, rethink your distribution methods …

The shortest way to savings

In general, some simple aspects of your packaging will already put you on the path.

We appreciate the rounded and original shapes. But when it comes to storage, it’s a real headache and the guarantee of wasting space which will translate into a loss of money.

We like the high-end materials and the worked finishes that we will add here and there in small touches and which will surely have their effect. But upon arrival, our Custom Playing Card Boxes will weigh heavily and will be a source of additional expense throughout the distribution chain.

The previous edition of His pack, the fair exhibition dedicated to packaging techniques held every year in Spain, was notably marked by the presentation of the lightest bottle in the world. 6.6 grams. But a bottle made of plastic, and which therefore cannot fully meet the consumer demand for a greener economy.

As for alternative materials which are gradually appearing, they also tend to drive up prices. A higher manufacturing cost which will impact the selling price at the risk of dissuading the potential buyer.

 So finally, what needs to be improved to make real savings in packaging?

1 – I keep an overview of my possibilities

Difficult to identify the sectors on which to work to reduce costs when you do not really know these sectors. Make sure you distinguish and understand all of the packaging processes that your business goes through.

A great way to formulate relevant critical opinions and find the right alternatives. All without affecting the performance of your packaging. We are trying to save money, certainly not to reduce quality!

What are the different departments involved throughout the production chain? We generally distinguish:

The packaging itself.

Wedging devices.


Preparation of packages.


Maybe start by investing in filling machines, automatic case sealers. Or in the appropriate wedging options.

Bubble wrap, Kraft paper, air cushion, bubble bag… Many options are available on the market today and will only require a small investment on your part, quickly reimbursed by a significant gain in productivity!

2 – I select the right material

Choosing the right material in the right size will undoubtedly have many advantages.

About the nature of the product at first, it will be a way to avoid premature deterioration or expiration. Small contingencies that can lead to many returns of goods. And tarnish your brand image.

On the purchasing side, boxes and packaging perfectly adjusted to the merchandise will also be an opportunity to save some money.

And then at the storage stage, they will significantly reduce the volume by avoiding wasted space. Taking into account at all times the characteristics and fragility of the product contained.

 All that remains is to adapt its material to the target market to attract consumers at a lower cost.

Attracted by cardboard? Note that recycled cardboard will be particularly suitable for common mass-market products. We will instead turn to all-wood cardboard for more upscale packaging.

3 – I limit the waste as much as possible

The unnecessary loss can occur at all levels of the production chain. Also, we will not hesitate to regularly review the methods of production, storage, and handling to highlight any faults.

A significant way to reduce your waste on the one hand, and generate great savings.

Did you know, for example, that starting machines between two manufacturing sessions can lead to losses? The costs could also be significant because they are repeated over the long term. It will therefore be necessary to offer training adapted to professionals and organize rigorous controls regularly.

To limit waste and make real savings in terms of packaging, everything should be reviewed.

As for the packaging itself, in addition to reducing its dimensions, perhaps consider opting for resistant but lighter materials. Think about positioning the product in its box as convenient as possible. Reduce the size of the images and graphics and make sure that any finishing you add is really needed.

No need to multiply the additions to attract the eye of the consumer. Simple, transparent packaging or a small window cut out on one side allowing you to see the product will already provide real added value. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t cost much! A nice playful addition at a lower cost.

4 – I define clear specifications on my packaging

Many mistakes can be avoided with careful planning upfront. Be as readable as possible for all your teams, so that the guidelines are quickly understood and applied by all.

Are you transporting fragile goods? Indicate it very clearly on the Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes and then on the transport box. A delivery in poor condition and it will be returned to the sender with some additional costs.

Return delivery of the goods.

Replacement of the merchandise.

Use and labeling of a new case.

New expedition.

 Small setbacks that can be very expensive!

5 – I look beyond the price

The cost of a container or packaging material is inseparable from its overall performance. The price differences could be explained by a variable capacity, a longer or shorter lifespan, or a less interesting productivity rate.

To make lasting savings in terms of packaging, it will be better, as we have seen, to bet on some initial expenses. The quality and durability of the equipment purchased will take care of the return on investment.

What if we did without the packaging?

The trend is towards minimalism, so why go without? A little kraft paper, a piece of string, a nice secure tag, and you’re done.

Far from dissuading consumers, doing away with packaging almost entirely is a form of return to nature that is resolutely fashionable. Especially since the possibilities are not lacking to distinguish you from the competition.

Then all that remains is to stack everything in carefully optimized transport boxes. Some carriers charge by volume and not by weight. Beware of filling faults!


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