Main Part Of You Wedding Are Wedding Sweets

Weddings, ceremonies, parties, joyous gatherings, and festivals are not completed without the addition of dessert, cakes, and other confectionery items. Normally it is famous that a festivity or a party feels just a meeting if there is no touch of confectionary items. Any celebration is supposed without the spread of a variety of sweets or desserts then it lessens the pleasure of any event.

Sweets, desserts and a variety of cuisines have significantly an identity of their own as these sweets hold an awesome significance in marriages, and it’s truly difficult to stay away from these mouth-watering desserts.

Wedding sweets are the mark of happiness and are known as the pure unit for any propitious slake these adoring sweets as a part of your marriages for the experience of a sweetest and amazing journey. In Pakistan where the people are crazy about desserts, find incomplete this dinner or weddings without such luscious sweets and mithai.

Best Wedding Sweets

An abundance of Pakistani sweets, cuisines, and desserts is the cultural heritage of Muslim countries. Many sweets resemble other Asian country’s desserts, but there is no comparison of Pakistani cakes and sweets with other counties. 

Cakes and bakes is the most famous and growing retail chain of Pakistani confectionary items and its other branches are also performing well around Punjab. This brand fulfills all the safety standards and providing up to international quality with broadens your horizons and pioneering products and sweet items. Cakes and bakes is the ISO-certified confectionary shop and offering an assortment of desserts and sweets for all the celebratory events.  

There is a profusion of confectionary shops and websites obtainable in almost all parts of Pakistan but few of them performing indulgent recital and performance. 

Mix Sweets

The word sweets and desserts arrive from French and it undoubtedly means to clear the table. These scrumptious cakes and delighting sweets also play an essential role to enhance your mood and instantly lighten up the frame of mind. In the Pakistani culture, it is a trend that from the start of the wedding to welcoming the bride in her new family and at approximately every occasion either it’s a big or small part is initiated and concluded with sweets and mithai tradition.

Here is a list of some main wedding sweets items and must be included in your wedding menu for the additional dosage of sweetness.


The most exciting ingredients like khoya and nuts are added to this quintessential mithai. It is considered the tastiest and traditional mithai in Asian culture. Barfi is a simple sweet item that is loved for being too delicate and indulgent or quite easy to eat. A wedding is tasteless without Barfi and other confectionary items.

Lad doo 

Lad doo is another favorite sweet item of the wedding ceremony. Lad doo is mostly bound to grab the attention of the guests and people like or want to taste it. The palatable treat starts with these satisfy sweet tooth items. Lad doo’s name also gives a funny sound but its taste and shape bring taste and happiness at the ceremony.  Lad doo is super delicious and super indulgent.


Gulabjamun is an indispensable sweet dish that is a part of almost every Pakistani wedding. It is a serving or a mark of contentment and especially liked by most wanted items by kids. It is popular in the wedding sweet list and different variety of Gulabjamun like khoya filled stuff is also famous among peoples. 


Jalebi is another irresistible item and a simple deep-fried dessert that is dipped in sugary syrup and is quite tasty. Jalebi is super different taste like it is the essence of heaven sweet from above and filled with syrup from inside. Its crispy cover will add fun and taste to your every bite. For some sugar dose, the Jalebi item is perfect for engagement or marriages. 

Coconut Laddoo

An explosion of flavor in your taste with coconut laddoo is a tradition of the wedding. Wedding is the other name of pleasure and sweet items insert the further sweetness in your ceremonies. The colorful coconut laddoo is a favorite item of kids and they are crazy just to taste it because of its vivid colors and charm. 

Dark Chocolate Fudge

The lip-smacking chocolate with chunky almonds and nuts seems a desirable dessert that is just immorally ecstatic. The richness of chocolate in any food item makes people mad and the restrained crunch of nuts present it a decisive craving mithai and they love to treat it. 


This mithai is quite famous in Gujarat regions and a variety of products are promoted in a sealed pack. Because of its popularity many well-known brands making and advertising this mithai around in Punjab region.

Gajar Ka Halwa

In any wedding ceremony if happened in winter the addition of Gajar ka Halwa will be a must. Many people are passionate to have it and anxious to taste it. The obsessive aroma and looks will tempt the guests towards the table like the bees. 


This dessert with its spongy and creamy taste delights the people and a perfect sweet item for any marriage ceremony. The few slurps are like a heavenly taste its lover extreme about to have its one bite. 


The Rasgulla with its funny name is quite famous its smooth texture with no ghee preparation is a favorite for the health-conscious ones. 

Mix Mithai

Many of mix mithai are also available at wedding times like balushahi, Mysore Pak, moong dal ka Halwa, and many more sweet items.

We Pakistanis affectionate our values and traditions the addition of these cakes and sweet items have the main role in wedding and marriages. To make your guests truthfully slake with their sweet cravings recommended the best brand that is cake and bake which have fifty more concretionary shops around all about in Punjab.

This list of wedding sweets must leave you with plenty of ideas and help in your selection and satisfy your gathering sweet tooth at the event of the wedding.

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