Lose Weight and Get in Shape with these Tricks

Are you struggling to lose weight? Does it bother you to see yourself making an effort but seeing no results? Do not over-criticize yourself as you are not alone in this. Everyone has a different story. Some people find it hard to lose weight while others have eating disorders and can’t gain weight. While you should consult a specialist for the latter issue, some ways can help you deal with the former.

Here is a list of all the hacks that you can make use of to get in shape:


This hack has to do with the timing of you drinking water and not consuming it in general. If you wish to lessen your appetite and eat less during a meal, drink water before it. And no, it is not just a myth that drinking water before meals helps you lose weight. However, you should make a conscious effort to drink it at least thirty minutes before your meal. And you will see that water will start filling you up. Thus, leaving less space for the meal.

Apart from that, water also increases your metabolism. So, drinking water 30 minutes before your meal means that you are prepping your metabolism to do its part as soon as you consume food.

Eating Mindfully

This goes without saying. You have to be conscious of what you eat. And have to be mindful of the calories that you are consuming. Some of the times when you should avoid eating are while driving and watching shows or movies. As that is the time when you are prone to eating the most and without thinking about what you are munching on.

According to researches, physical satiety has a connection with psychological satisfaction as well. Hence, making you consume more food while not even getting any sort of satisfaction from it. And to make up for that dissatisfaction, you end up eating even more later in the day.

Make Simple Swaps

Did you know that it is easy for you to make healthy swaps? However, not many of us want to as we love the junk and the calorie-loaded foods that we consume. This does not imply that you stop eating all the foods that you eat. But making small swaps to consume fewer calories is the key.

For example, you can have an apple instead of a granola bar that is loaded with sugar. Other than that, you can always opt for grilled chicken rather than its fried counterpart. Not only this but adding vegetables to your starchy meals can also help you to consume fewer calories and increase your water intake. You can even try altering the drinks that you consume. For example, consume water or coffee instead of carbonated drinks.

Taking small steps and replacing some of the major calories rich items with healthy alternatives will bring a great change. However, no one is asking you to rush into stuff. One step at a time should do.

Eating Chocolate

We are not talking about any chocolate but dark chocolate. If you thought that chocolates are your enemy, dark chocolates might just be the best friend that you need. According to research, individuals who consumed dark chocolate felt more satisfied and consumed less pizza after a two-hour gap than the ones who didn’t.

However, a common misconception is that dark chocolate will make you lose those extra pounds almost immediately. That doesn’t hold for any of the hacks or tricks that you use. And if that is happening it means that you are resorting to some unhealthy habits to lose weight.

Get Moving

Sitting and munching without moving that body will make you gain weight at the speed of light. Remember that it is always easy to gain weight than lose it. Therefore, you should make working out or walking a part of your life. No one is asking you to indulge yourself in hard-core cardio sessions. But you have to move your body to at least shed the extra calories that you are consuming every day.

You can make early morning or evening walks a part of your life. Other than that, making alterations in your lifestyle could make a big difference as well. For example, using the staircase instead of elevators. Look around yourself and see what is it that you can alter in your daily routine. Small changes like these help to bring about a big change.

Downsizing Dishware

Invest in dishes and plates that have a small serving size. And make it a point to eat in them only. This does not mean that you re-fill them twice or thrice. Doing so will kill the purpose of this whole exercise. Instead, you should have a single serving each day in these bowls. Reducing the portion size will help to bring a positive change as well.

If you adopt these habits, you will notice a change in your well-being as well as you will feel happy about yourself. Apart from that, keeping a check on your weight would also mean that you are keeping health issues like high blood pressure away.

If any tricks helped you lose weight, share them in the comment section below.

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