Looking at Drill Mills for Sale?

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Machining involves a lot of specialized tools that perform a lot of unique tasks. The time it takes to swap out tools can waste valuable machining time, which can drastically increase the cost to mill components. Because end mills work under extreme speeds and conditions, most are only designed to perform one specialized task like roughing, side milling, or spot drilling. Drill mills are a tool that combines design elements of both end mills and drill bits to create unique tools that can perform multiple functions. If you want to cut down machining times in your milling shop, it’s time to take a look at drill mills for sale.

A drill mill has a pointed end like a drill bit, but its flutes resemble those used in end mills. Drill bit flutes have a curved cross section while end mills have a straight flute design that is more effective at high speed material removal. End mills typically feature a square or ball ended design which lends itself to removing large amounts of material at consistent depths.

Unlike your standard end mill or drill bit, drill mills are designed to perform many unique functions. A drill mill can obviously be used for both axial cutting and side milling operations due to its design. The pointed tip means that you can side mill V shaped notches instead of the rounded or square cuts that other end mills produce. The drill mill’s pointed tip also makes these tools ideal for spot drilling, chamfering, and drill small holes the size of the cutter. All of these functions means that you can continue to run your milling machine without the need for constant tool changes.

If you are looking for the best drill mills for sale, you need to consider the importance of tools constructed from solid carbide stock. Unlike traditional metal tools, carbide cutters are able to hold their edges at high speed and temperatures. This is because the actual carbide component in these tools is a ceramic compound, which does not change its material structure like metal tools can under heat.

In order to create sturdy tools, this powdered ceramic material is suspended in a binding metal like cobalt. This means that the final tools will be strong and flexible enough to handle the strain of cutting into hard materials without having to deal with the brittleness of a pure ceramic tool. This means that you can confidently operate at higher speeds and feeds without having to worry about it affecting your tool’s lifespan.

When looking at drill mills for sale, you can extend the lifespan of your cutters even further by investing in tools that feature protective coatings. Many carbide end mills are treated with a titanium aluminum nitride(TiAlN) coating in order to make the tool even more resistant to heat. TiAlN produces a thin layer of aluminum oxide ceramic on the surface of the tool when it reaches high heats. This thin layer provides extra protection from tool fatigue.

If you want to find high quality solid carbide drill mills for sale, you need to check out the tools from Online Carbide. As an American manufacturer of carbide end mills and drill bits, they are dedicated to producing drill mills that are machined from high quality carbide. Instead of dealing with middle men, you can purchase their carbide tools at manufacturer direct pricing directly from their website. This means that you can always get the best deals on the carbide cutting tools that your machine shop needs.

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