Look for These Features in Portable RV Waste Tanks

Often overlooked until the time that they absolutely must be dealt with and emptied, portable RV waste tanks don’t get a lot of glory for the role they play in an enjoyable camping trip. While you might spend more time shopping for other accessories, you should get a quality portable waste tank the first time. It will pay you back later with ease of use and convenience.

Slim Profile
One of the most important things to look for in a portable waste tank for your RV is a slim profile. This is not a catch-all statement, because there are some RVs where a slim profile might not be necessary, but generally speaking, space comes at a premium in a camper. For that reason alone, you should look for a model that not only has adequate capacity but a footprint that makes it amenable to the space you can offer.

Many of the best portable tanks available today, from brands like Barker, Tote-N-Stor, and Thetford, are specifically designed for a slim profile that will store out of the way until you need to empty it. At the same time, many of these provide plenty of capacity, which is equally important.

Tough Tow Handle
Some portable RV waste tanks are small enough that you don’t need a full-blown tow handle, whereas others are so large that it would be impractical to maneuver them without one. For example, some of the larger models available today hold more than 30 or even 40 gallons of waste at a time, which is far too much to maneuver easily.

That is unless you pick a model with a tough tow handle. Models like the Barker 42 Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank steel tow handle that make it easy to move them about, or, if it is more convenient, to tow behind a vehicle using a tow bracket and a ball hitch.

Solid Rubber Wheels
Some waste tanks come with pneumatic tires, which may feel smoother when you are towing them around, but at the same time, many others offer solid rubber wheels that are great for low-maintenance travelers. Solid rubber tires may respond less favorably to gravel and sand, but at the same time, they can never go flat, and they are rock-solid. This is very much a matter of preference, but in the long run, high-quality, solid-rubber wheels might save you trouble getting to and from the dumpsite.

Large Waste Valve
This matter is not imperative, but just like the above consideration, it can save you a lot of time and trouble at a dump station. Look for a portable waste tank that has a large, low dump valve. The lower, the better, as it will enable you to drain the tank completely, and the wider, the better as well. A wider valve will empty more quickly and with less effort when the tank is full.

These are a few of the features you might find helpful in portable waste tanks, but there are others. If you want to get some insight from the people who have years of experience with all things related to camping, call up the folks at RV Upgrades at 866-332-7881 to see what they have to offer in terms of advice.

Also, on their website, RVUpgradeStore.com, you can find plenty of portable black water tanks with the features mentioned herein and many more. Experience is the best teacher, but in the absence of that, take a look through these critical points and lean on the customer service of those that have it. Check out the tanks on their website today, and if you have any questions, call their team at the number above.

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