Look for These Features in a Goodman 2.5 Ton Air Handler

Don’t get too cavalier about your personal search for a Goodman 2.5 ton air handler for your home’s HVAC system. It’s a decision that is going to follow you around for many years and can come with a lot of costs that you won’t even have thought you’d need to worry about.

First off, there’s no telling on your own that a 2.5 ton air handler is going to be sufficient for use in your home’s split system, or however you want to use it. To determine the size of the air handler that you’ll want to use with your home, you’ll need to work with an HVAC specialist.

Secondly, keep in mind that even though Goodman is one of the preeminent names in heating and cooling solutions, the brand equity alone will not equal fitness for your home. Again, this is a situation in which you would want to work with an HVAC specialist expressly to elicit their advice on the matter.

However, let’s just say for the purpose of this article that you have already done your due diligence and need only now to evaluate a given Goodman 2.5 ton air handler on its individual merits. Consider some of the following points:

Structural integrity and overall durability – Some Goodman air handlers come with heavy gauge steel cabinets and SmartFrame substructures that add some lateral strength to the overall structure. The toughness of the cabinet and its internal components should be a key consideration for you. Some Goodman air handlers even meet the 2001 Florida Building Code.

Coil construction – A tough coil will last many years, and it’s one of those internal components that we told you to watch out for. For an air handler, it’s mission critical. Look for a model with an all-aluminum evaporator coil, and one that is easy to position inside the unit.

Condensation reducing features – Condensation is the precursor to rust, and rust is the beginning of the end of an air handler, even when it’s inside. Condensation can also damage your home; avoid it. Some Goodman air handlers are made with screwless cabinets and enhanced insulation to help prevent condensation.

Ease of access and maintenance – You should also look for a Goodman air handler that makes it easy for you to access the inside. For example, some air handlers offer the ability for you to access the filter without tools, or to easily reposition the coil on the mounting track.

Size – An air handler, Goodman or otherwise, that has an adaptable footprint or a condensed size will be more valuable to homeowners who don’t have a lot of space. Some horizontal units will fit better into tighter spaces.

Variability – A multi-position air handler with a multi-speed blower motor can adapt with the changes in the seasons. Look for one with a variable speed motor that is capable of upflow, downflow and two way horizontal flow.

Keep in mind that as important as some of these features are, this is in no way a comprehensive list of considerations that you will need to make when you are really thinking about buying and implementing a Goodman Air Handler.

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